C-400 radar


Israeli "Iron Dome" for 100 million dollars can be destroyed by an ordinary drone

Israel made a critical miscalculation when placing the missile defense system "Iron Dome".

Despite the fact. that the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system (Iron Dome) is considered one of the most reliable in the world by experts of the same state, it became known that the Israeli military had a serious miscalculation - the missile defense system can be destroyed by an ordinary Chinese drone for several hundred dollars.

These conclusions were made by experts, based on information about the location of the new missile defense system “Iron Dome” on the southern border of Israel. As it turned out. For unknown reasons, the radar with an active phased array, which is the main component of the missile defense system, was so close to the border that it can be destroyed by an ordinary drone carrying an ordinary hand grenade as a weapon.

“The radar is located only in 350 meters from the demarcation line, which allows it to be destroyed by an ordinary drone. If necessary, a radar worth millions of dollars can also be damaged by several shots from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Israel’s attempt to defend itself against possible rocket attacks will result in enormous losses. ”, - the expert marks.

The reasons for which the “Iron Dome” radar was installed so close to the border are unknown, but experts did not rule out that the reason for this is the need to intercept missiles directly over the Gaza Strip.