US landing ship


An American warship headed for Russian military bases in Syria

An American warship approached the shores of Syria.

The command of the US Navy announced the approach of the American naval vessel to the shores of Syria. It is known that we are talking about a large landing ship, on board of which there are several hundred marines, who are supposed to assist the American military, who are leaving the territory of the SAR. According to some data, the American landing craft is already on the way to the Syrian coast, and taking into account the data that has appeared, the ship will be located at a relatively short distance from the Russian military bases in Tartus and Jeble.

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal reports that we are talking about the landing ship Kearsarge, but any details of the appearance of the American warship in this region, while the American military bases are located in the north and east of Syria, have so far remained inaccessible .

Russia has so far not responded to the departure of the American warship to its military bases, however, experts believe that the Russian Navy will prevent the landing of the amphibious ship closer than nautical miles 20 to the shores of Syria.

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