Accident MH17


Accident MH17: Ukraine's arguments contradict the laws of physics

The version of the disaster MH17, voiced by Ukraine, is contrary to the laws of physics.

The plane crash involving the Malaysian Boeing 777, which occurred in 2014, left many secrets and mysteries. Four years later, the specialists could not name the true cause of the tragedy, mainly accusing Russia of what had happened. Journalists decided to conduct their own independent investigation of this plane crash, and established that in reality, the version about the destruction of the aircraft by the alleged Russian missile is not only untrue, but also contrary to the laws of physics.

As follows from the information provided, the passenger airliner Boeing 777, owned by the carrier "Malaysia Airlines", followed the course from northwest to southeast, when a missile was launched into the port side of the aircraft (according to the official version - editorial note), which was allegedly air-launched the Buk-M missile system. After a thorough examination of the crash site and debris, the journalists managed to establish that if the aircraft were hit, the wreckage would fall down or to the right, but as it turned out, fragments weighing over 300 kilogram were found in one and a half kilometers. their actual divergence occurred against the blast wave, which violates the laws of physics.

Moreover, it is still unknown how the missile launched by the alleged Buk-M air defense missile system could hit the left side of the passenger airliner, since the main criterion of this air defense system is a strike from above, and even for relatively small purposes, and a similar "miss", at least a few tens of meters, is also at variance with the arguments of specialists.

“If the wreckage of a passenger plane really flew against the shock wave, then this casts doubt on the arguments and professionalism of the Dutch specialists, since it is almost impossible not to notice such obvious. In addition, please note that the four years of investigation as a result were not crowned with anything - neither the reasons for the terrible tragedy, nor the circumstances in which it occurred, nor the guilty were mentioned. ”, - the expert marks.

* Boeing 777 catastrophe in the Donetsk region - a major aircraft accident that occurred 17 July 2014 in the east of the Donetsk region, in the area of ​​armed confrontation between government forces and the unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic.