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The catastrophe with the Malaysian Boeing was made intentionally

Specialists came to the conclusion that the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing 777 was carefully planned.

In March, 2014, a Boeing 777 passenger airliner owned by a Malaysian airline Malaysia Airlines and flying a Kuala Lumpur - Beijing route, suddenly disappeared from radar. For four years, it was found that a passenger airliner, known as the MH370 flight, crashed, but despite ongoing searches, it was not possible to find the crash site of this aircraft, or the bodies of people aboard it.

Due to the absence of any facts, the official versions of this catastrophe were never voiced, but independent analysts made the assumption that the crew of the aircraft deliberately destroyed the aircraft.

“The crew of a Boeing 777 passenger airliner deliberately turned off the detection system, changed the original course and stopped communicating. All this is the best way to indicate that the destruction of the aircraft was carefully planned, but the question of the circumstances under which such a tragedy occurred still remains open. ”, - the independent expert marks.

This opinion is shared by the ex-head of the Transport Security Bureau of Canada Larry Vance, who believes that the commander of the crew suffered from a mental illness and intended, first of all, to commit suicide.

"He was going to kill himself. Unfortunately, along with himself, he killed all the passengers. This was done intentionally ", - said the expert.

For four years, only a few fragments of the fuselage of the passenger airliner Boeing 777 were found, and the search continues even now, although the search operation itself has become one of the most expensive and longest in history.

Despite the proposed version, the Malaysian authorities refuse to consider it, believing that adverse meteorological conditions, crew error or technical malfunction may be among the most likely causes, however, it will be possible to establish a valid version of the tragedy only after finding the crash site and flight recorders.

As a result of the plane crash of 8 March 2014 239 people died, including 12 crew members and 227 passengers.