Airline SCAT


Kazakhstan airline SKAT can receive admission for flights to the EU

Kazakhstan airline SCAT can admit to flights to Europe in the autumn.

Information about this appeared just today, and as it became known, the main reason for the return of the air operator to the European market of services for air transportation of passengers could be the improvement of the airline's activities. In all likelihood, the issue of the possibility of the Kazakh air carrier to start operations on the territory of the European Union will be raised in June, and if the airline management can prove the safety of its services, the carrier's route network can seriously expand.

At the moment, the EU authorities strongly underestimate the actual rating of the airline "SKAT", Unjustifiably asserting that this air carrier is one of the worst in the CIS. In reality, the fleet of the company is constantly supplemented by new aircraft, employees are highly qualified, and there are practically no incidents with aircraft.