Aktau International Airport


Kazakhstan's Aktau airport can only download at 30%

Kazakhstan's Aktau airport is only able to load one third of the actual rate.

At the moment, it is planned to open a number of additional flights, in particular, it is expected that they will be carried out by the airline "Air Astana", But most of the interests of a foreign air carrier are lobbied in this respect, which leads to the inefficient operation of the air transport hub. According to some information, in the near future, the state authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan may be interested in the investigation of the events, and in all probability, in this case, one can expect an additional increase in the passenger traffic of the Aktau airport - according to some data, it can reach 50% of its rate, but still, its work will not be considered effective until the 60-65% boundary is overcome.

Recall that not so long ago in the implementation of regular flights were denied Arab airline "Air Arabia"And this in turn could lead to the appearance of several flights. In addition, it was canceled, and regular flights to Turkey, which also negatively affected the activity of aviation hub.