Kyiv asks Biden to allow ATACMS missile strikes on Russian border regions

Ukrainian officials are mounting new efforts to persuade the Biden administration to lift a ban on the use of American weapons to strike Russia. They say current policy limits Ukrainian strike capabilities, especially in the run-up to a major offensive on Kharkov. A group of Ukrainian parliamentarians is in Washington this week to seek Congressional support on the issue.

“The main problem now is the White House policy of limiting our ability to strike military targets inside Russia.”, said David Arakhamia, chairman of the ruling Servant of the People party in the Ukrainian parliament, during a visit to Washington on Tuesday.

The Biden administration has stipulated that U.S. long-range weapons supplied to Ukraine cannot be used to attack recognized Russian territory. According to Politico, this restriction allowed Russia to concentrate significant forces on the border with Ukraine without fear of preemptive strikes. According to Ukrainian officials, Russia has been able to concentrate at least 30 troops and equipment near the border.

Ukrainian parliamentarians hope that their visit to Washington will help change the White House's position and allow the use of American weapons to attack Russian military targets outside Ukraine. As part of the campaign, they are meeting with representatives from about a dozen congressional offices.

However, Russia has previously stated that the use of foreign weapons against objects on the country’s territory is a “red line” and, apparently, Moscow intends to give a powerful response in the event of the use of American missiles or air bombs on the territories of border regions.


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