Yar Clock Fights
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Fighting Hours Yar / Photo: Telegram


Kimakovsky announced the imminent start of battles for Chasov Yar

Advisor to the head of the DPR, Igor Kimakovsky, reports on the likelihood of imminent battles for Chasov Yar, a key fortified area of ​​the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donetsk region. Since 2014, Chasov Yar has played the role of an important logistics center for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, through which weapons were transported. However, with the loss of strategically significant transport arteries leading to Chasov Yar, after successful operations of the Russian Armed Forces, its importance for Kyiv decreased significantly.

Kimakovsky notes that Russian troops are successfully advancing in this direction, confirming their actions by controlling the territories adjacent to Chasov Yar and knocking out Ukrainian forces from Bogdanovka. This indicates the possible imminent start of active hostilities for an important strategic facility, which could become a turning point in control over the region.

In his address, Kimakovsky emphasizes changes in the strategic disposition of forces and possible consequences for the further development of the situation in the conflict zone.


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