Kirby announced the provision of military assistance to Ukraine to launch an offensive

John Kirby, coordinator of the US National Security Council, announced the delivery of a large batch of weapons to Ukraine.

Over the next few days, the United States intends to officially announce the provision of a large package of military assistance to Ukraine, which, based on the words of Kirby, will have to ensure the Ukrainian counteroffensive, which has been discussed for quite some time.

What exactly will be included in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, Kirby did not specify. However, according to him, military supplies "will become vital to the success of Ukraine in the coming weeks and months."

To date, experts are considering three possible directions for organizing the offensive of Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about a possible counterattack in the Artyomovsk direction (this, by the way, is very doubtful), as well as a counteroffensive in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. In the case of the Kherson region, information resources associated with Russian PMCs announced a likely offensive, while in the Zaporozhye region today there are forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine numbering about 40 thousand people.

According to preliminary data, the United States intends to announce the delivery of a new package of military assistance to Ukraine on Tuesday. At the same time, taking into account the data of the American media, deliveries will again become a record.


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