Kirby suggested that Russia withdraw its tanks from Ukraine if Moscow is concerned about the supply of uranium ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby advised Russia to withdraw its tanks from Ukraine as soon as possible.

Against the background of how the UK announced its intention to transfer its tank ammunition with depleted impact, which has increased penetration, to Ukraine, the representative of the US National Security Council, John Kirby, said that he would recommend that Russia withdraw its military equipment from Ukrainian territory, if it comes to excitement about the fact that Kiev will really receive such ammunition.

“This is a common type of ammo that is commonly used due to its armor-piercing abilities. If Russia is deeply concerned about the well-being of its tanks and tankers, the safest thing for them is to get them across the border, out of Ukraine.”Kirby said.

The Russian side has previously officially announced that the provision of depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine is one of the reasons that this will lead to a completely different level of escalation of the situation, since, according to a number of data, such ammunition is capable of contaminating the area, which in itself entails environmental catastrophe.

It is not yet known what measures Russia will take in response to such actions, however, the conflict may indeed enter a new stage.


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