China: Putin's bombers told Trump "no"

Chinese analysts explained the flight of Russian strategic bombers at the US borders.

The online edition of "East Day" published an article in which military experts and analysts rated the unexpected appearance of Russian strategic aviation means at the borders of Alaska. Despite the fact that we are talking about conventional exercises, experts believe that in reality Russian Tu-95, Tu-142 and Su-35S fighters became a demonstration of Trump of Russian power.

"Despite the fact that Trump believes that his sanctions have a strong influence on Russia, forcing this superpower to obey the will of the United States, the appearance of Russian bombers at American borders has become a kind of response to Russia, which unambiguously states that Russia has not lost its military potential, and in the event of further political and military pressure, the Russian Air Force is ready to fight back ", - says the publication.

Moreover, China has noted ambiguously that the American early warning system and air defense proved to be ineffective, since the F-22 fighters were raised in the air only after Russian planes approached the US borders by 90 kilometers.

An article appeared earlier in the day, in which all the same experts from the PRC noted the cowardice of the pilots of the US Air Force, which attempted to intercept Russian strategic bombers, suddenly found themselves close to a large number of Su-35S fighters, and therefore it was decided to accompany Russian aircraft only.

"It is very difficult to judge the information presented by the East Day newspaper, because taking into account the official version, Russian bombers carried out a planned flight, but it is obvious that some truth in the words of Chinese military experts is present - Russia really demonstrated its potential power", - the expert Avia.pro comments.

It should be clarified that 12 May 2018 Russia's strategic aviation flew to the US borders at a distance of 90 kilometers, remaining unnoticed for a long time, which caused a lot of doubts about the effectiveness of the defensive capability of the United States of America.

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