China: a dozen new fighters will not make Russia stronger

Analysts believe that Russian aviation is not as strong as it is reported.

The Chinese edition of "Sina" published another provocative article, in which military analysts are considering the possibilities of Russian videoconferencing. According to experts, despite the fact that Russian arms appeared aircraft missile complex "Dagger", the troops began to supply multi-purpose fighter Su-35, and 2019 year on combat duty to intercede fifth generation fighter Su-57, Russian VKS far behind from the US Air Force and China.

Analysts stress that Russia has made considerable progress in the development of new types of weapons, but, despite this fact, the troops are combat aircraft, continue to bear his service since the days of the Soviet Union in the past ten years. Of course, during operations in Syria, Russian VCS proved themselves well, however, as the author of the article emphasizes, the struggle was only ground targets, the more so that the enemy, in fact, there was no weapons to fight the Russian combat aircraft.

Specialists wondered why new Soviet ammunition was used against new militants and terrorists, why super-precision weapons are not used, which can minimize disruption.

"Russia has new aircraft and new missiles, but until they begin to massively go into service, there is no point in saying that Russia's military potential has somehow grown. A few dozen newest fighters will not be made by the Russian Air Force (VCS - Ed.) Stronger, and the implementation of the conceived can take a decade ", - the analyst underlines.