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China: fighter JH-7A twice knocked out Russian Su-34

The Chinese bomber JH-7A surpassed the Russian Su-34.

Despite the fact that the Russian fighter-bomber Su-34 is considered one of the best in its class in the world, during the "Aviadarts" stage of the competition, Chinese pilots who ran the fighter-bomber JH-7A were able to prove that even relatively not A young aircraft, with the proper crew skills, is able to be effectively used in combat.

As the Chinese edition of "Sina" reports, the participants of "Aviadarts" competitions from China, using the fighter-bomber JH-7A, were able to knock out rivals from Russia who competed on fighter-bomber Su-34 twice.

"Chinese pilots were able to show astonishing results and surpass military pilots from Russia. Obviously, this is not only a victory in competitions, but also a won reputation for the PRC of the PRC ", - informs "Sina".

Considering the statement by the PRC, it is logical to assume that the excellent result in the competition allows China to talk about the superiority of the PRC’s military aviation over Russia, although in reality, the very same Chinese fighter-bomber JH-7A was created on the basis of a deeply modernized attack aircraft MiG-19 (Nanchang Q- 5), and the Russian plane was clearly superior to rivals from China.

In general, within the framework of the "Aviadarts" competitions, the crews from the PRC managed to prove their mastery of combat aircraft management.

* Xian JH-7A - Chinese fighter-bomber, designed to replace the front-line bomber Harbin H-5 and Nanchang Q-5 (deep modernized version of the MiG-19).

2018 airplanes were won by Russia. A herd of squealing nods rejoicing that Russians again were overtaken by Russians

Yeah. Russia, if anything is modern, it is nothing against the old weapons of which China and America have 100 times more. the power of 666 wants to patch holes of Russian weapons at the expense of poor Russia and also hopes that deceived and stolen Russians will defend the party 666 this insanity. people spit on the thievish authorities and baryg alligraphenov so if the puff then first pillars in Russia adorn the ruling creatures well, then we'll figure it out and with the narrow-eyed and amerikosami but neither the opposite

A nuclear bomb was given to France.

I fully agree with the author. They keep the people like cattle, systematically reducing the number of herds.

Concerning India: Su-57 has nothing to do, just under the guise of saying that supposedly the aircraft are damp, signed a contract with France to supply Rafael fighters and at such a price that even f35 cries, now they are sorting out there, so to believe the Indians and the Chinese media can also be like the American-Ukrainian

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Our country is ruled by business and our speculators sell everything and everything. And in the Duma and in the government sit speculators. and therefore all of our developments are abroad and agree that we should be friends with the machine behind us

The old Soviet even modified aircraft physically can not compete with the modern su-34. Most likely the whole point is that not all the equipment on these planes is used in order not to disclose the technology of the same radar and means of rabe ...

India refused to buy our su-57 not because they are raw, but because they want to produce them. And this technology. Our refused to transfer technology, and they refused to pay only for planes ...

Bravo! I completely agree.

Our 34 is the best. The fact that our allegedly missed this seed. Next will be better.

Indeed, Russia gave the island on the Amur to China in 90. In addition, the PRC built a dam on the Amur in such a way that the Amur washes part of the coast of Russia on the side of China. Local wrote to Moscow repeatedly, but silence. After the treaty on demilitarization under the contract 1994 year. Our entire military units were destroyed or taken away for 300 km, and the PRC changed its millionth army into a border form. Our troops can be typed can thousands of 80 now. The fortified areas are destroyed, not conserved. The Chinese go to the guests are photographed against the background of these ruins, laughing, poking their fingers. Of course something is being done, but it's a drop. It is necessary to make friends with the PRC, but with an automatic weapon on the shoulder. And in general they do not like us, no matter who is Russian, Dagestan, Kalmyk, Jew.

What these hens h-nyu town. Here is the whole truth: "In exactly the military shooting among pilots of different countries, Russian military pilots won five nominations out of seven and took the main cup of competitions." No one doubted the skill of domestic pilots, but the guests of the competitions proved to be worthy rivals.The second place in Aviadartse was taken by the pilots Heavenly, and close the top three officers of the Air Force of Kazakhstan. " It is interesting not this, but who and with whose permission puts these articles of domestic Chinese consumption into our networks. It has long been noted that the Chinese masters not only spoil other people's technology, but also stink to the whole world with their filthy mouth.

Well firstly in the photo clone a moment-25 or a moment-31, well, not a moment 19. and a moment-31 or 25 that machine is still .. and who only merged it with the Chinese and why?

Russia will wake up from a dream,
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What rubbish they write! There were seven contests! In four Russians won! In two Chinese! In one of the Kazakhs! Our planes were better!

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As a result of the battle, which lasted about 5 hours, 31 died a Soviet border guard. The irretrievable loss of the Chinese amounted to 248 people.

They wanted technology for free.

LYING .. What are you talking about? su 57 refused to take the Hindus. because they are raw, under 5 generation they do not fit, and our media and generals say that our planes are better. so it makes no sense to produce an 5 generation aircraft.
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Mainly - this is an indicator of the skill of Ukraine ... Chinese propaganda periodicals.

The first and probably not the last military conflict with China, the USSR Russia lost. And lost a tiny islet. China did not have aviation, but now there is.

The first and probably not the last military conflict with China, the USSR (Russia) lost, having lost a tiny island. And then they did not have aviation, but now there is.

China is the number 1 in the world of technology larceny, why did they only give the nuclear bomb a chance, let them run with the piads all was calmer.

However, on the Chinese border, on one side, 200 million people, and on the other 200 thousand. And along the border, we are calmly dressed with a dog. And will walk quietly, because the Poplars-M grow where necessary.
Such a story is not exactly repeatable - no two Germanias, two Koreas, two Chinas will no longer be. Or nothing will happen at all. And everyone understands this in the west.

Only aviation and biathlon were held on the territory of the Russian Federation, which our people know and are trained on !! Thus. this is, indeed, an indicator of the skill of the Chinese and the perfection of technology.

... only Russia won air strikes, and tank biathlon too, let them throw their old garbage piles off the mountain ... everything is stolen or licensed, let this "Sina" open its mouth or buttocks wider ... of course there will come a time when the quantitative advantage scientists on 100 people will say and we will start to lag behind in some sectors and spheres, but no one has canceled our "ingenuity" and so on ... If someone does not know they have a huge skew of men in relation to women, the latter is less by 100-150 million , which led to a natural increase in pederasts to 5% (70-75 million), on osudarstvennom level is referred to as a "disease" and try to "cure", so let the "Sina" blah wrote about it !!!

This is just one of two American points of view about the future of Russia.
And not the most common.
The fact is that the relations between Russia and China have long been nonequilibrium.
Russia is inferior to its eastern neighbor in order.
As the size of the economy, and demographically.
Therefore, a real, equitable alliance between these countries is impossible.
If they ever unite in their anti-American agenda, they will be relations of a very young and strongly senior partner.
Russia no longer wanted to be a junior partner of a much more developed and civilizationally attractive West.
Would she want to become a junior partner of a civilization alien to the country of the second world?
This is well understood in Washington.
This was written by the old man Brzezinski.
Therefore, with the exception of Trump and several political scientists who joined him, the Americans are not in a hurry to go to Moscow to make concessions.
The story that once occurred in the US-USSR-China triangle will never happen again.
Just because one of the three has long since died in the Bose.

The West is doomed because their logic is so rotten that its defectiveness is visible to the naked eye.
They can lie about human rights, globalization and equality as much as they like, but the partnership of equals is simply inconceivable for them - they can only see the relationship as "big brother" "junior partner" - i.e. gentlemen and slaves.

This ignorance and narrowness of thinking them and destroy them.

In the next few years, huge volumes of Russian natural gas will pour into China. We have huge deposits of this raw material, but its volumes are not unlimited. It is obvious that at the current rates of consumption, some will lose or lose its supplies altogether.

The advantage will be given to those who offer the most favorable terms of transactions, will ensure stability, sustainability, the culture of performance of contracts, etc.

In all respects, such a privileged partner with high probability will be China, which is not subject to sanctions blackmail.

Sadly of course that our pilots worse than the Chinese bombs on the target laid, but apparently affected the training, in any case, the exercises in China often pass than we have

Yeah, it's like winning two laps in the formula-1, and arrive last in the race

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