Amphibious aircraft AG600


China will start shipping the world's largest amphibious aircraft to 2022 year

The plans of Chinese developers in July 2018 to deliver a prototype device in Jingmen, where it first rises into the air from the surface of the local reservoir.

China will start supplying the largest amphibian aircraft AG600, developed by the national industry, to 2022. This statement was made on Monday at the Central Television of China.

"We are going to get a certificate of airworthiness in the civil aviation authorities by the year of 2021 and start supplying the aircraft to customers by 2022 year", - the chief designer of the project Juan Linzai said in a TV report.

The specialist hopes that after the first successful flight in December 2017, a prototype of the aircraft will be transferred from Zhuhai to Jingmen City (Hubei Province), where the amphibian aircraft will perform the first takeoff from the water surface of the local reservoir.

The start of work on the design of AG600 dates back to 2009 year. The first prototype was assembled in July 2016. This model of the seaplane is designed for the needs of civil aviation. It is made taking into account the specifics of conducting rescue operations and combating forest fires.

Earlier there were rumors that the plane could be bought into the People's Liberation Army of the state to protect the interests of the country when conducting maritime patrol operations.

The maximum takeoff weight of the AG600 seaplane reaches 53,5 tonnes. The maximum speed is 500 km / h, and the range of flight is 4,5 thousand km with the duration of stay in the air up to 12 hours. The amphibian aircraft can land and take off both on the ground runways of the airfields and on the water surface.

The production is going to launch passenger and cargo modifications. After testing and staging the series, the Chinese AG600 will be the largest aircraft in the world in its class.