China called the Russian C-400 fantastic weapon

China conducted the final tests of the Triumph C-400 air defense system acquired in Russia.

According to the TASS news agency, the PRC officially completed the tests of the Russian Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, on the results of which China announced that it had concluded a really lucrative deal to buy Triumphs, which, even in to some extent surpassed the possibilities for which they were calculated.

In early December, the 2018 of the PRC, using the Russian C-400 “Triumph” air defense system, shot down a ballistic missile moving at hypersonic speed, and during the final tests, the air defense system easily hit an aerodynamic target moving at supersonic speed, simulating an unexpected attack of means of combat aviation.

"We have personally seen that the C-400 system has no analogues in the world in its class of weapons"- quotes the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the PRC edition "TASS".

On the other hand, the People's Republic of China is somewhat puzzled by the fact that the C-400 “Triumph” systems put into service with the PRC have very limited capabilities, in particular, the maximum range of the targets hit is about 250 kilometers, which is comparable to the Russian C-300 air defense missiles "Favorite"