Complex C-400


China is dissatisfied with the supply of Russian complexes S-400

China expressed dissatisfaction with the supply of Russian complexes C-400.

According to the Chinese news agency Sina, the PRC authorities are unhappy with the deliveries of Russian C-400 Triumph air defense systems, the contract for the acquisition of which was signed back in 2014, but until now these SAMs were not transferred by the Russian side according to the established conditions. All this, in the opinion of the military analyst, makes one ponder over the partnership relations between Russia and the PRC.

To date, China has a large number of S-300 air defense systems, but these air defense systems may not always be effective against the destruction of enemy aircraft and missiles, in particular, the C-300 complexes are vulnerable to stealth aircraft.

China called the Russian C-400 air defense systems very promising, which is facilitated by the long range of anti-aircraft missiles, the ability to detect hidden targets and high efficiency of use. Nevertheless, in relation to another Russian air defense missile system, there were a lot of remarks, in particular, China called the C-500 complex “Prometheus” unpromising, believing that it is an expanded version of the C-400 “Triumph” air defense system, and its exceptional feature in intercepting ballistic missiles China is not interested, because this country relies on its own production of rockets, which have already been able to recommend themselves.

* S-400 "Triumph" - Russian anti-aircraft missile system of large and medium range, anti-aircraft missile system (SAM).

The article is delirious, First, X-NUMX is already delivered partially (the part was damaged during transport), secondly, C-400 is also effective for stealth planes, only the range is less defeated, although again what is 300? If you do not know, that is, C300 pvo and C300 military, and as well as modifications in both effective and range are not inferior with 300. But the Chinese with 400, this is another matter, so let them say that our Chinese shit copy does not work well against stealth planes. And they can only dream about 300. All of their modern technology is the old Soviet, not only inferior to it in quality and combat capability.

Deckard, the fool, turn your head and think about why the US is so afraid that in Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, the Syrian Islamic Republic, etc., they will buy 400 and why they are waiting for 10 years ahead and the countries are ready to wait ?! Think, then make an appointment!

The East is a delicate business, so what can not we supply China with the 400 system. Everyone knows how they copy other people's technologies, but the problem is that China is slowly but surely becoming stronger and stronger. Against whom do they plan to fight or defend? The conflict in 1969 Russia and China had, and what? Yes, it's just that the Chinese forget nothing and do not forgive anything; they just chose another method of war with Russia. They are systematically without war populating our land, shifting borders and, meanwhile, armed to the teeth in order to intimidate the ruling rulers and oligarchs of Russia. And the simple people will have to puff out if something goes wrong.


Are they happy with their missiles? And they need our systems all the same, that would as always lick!

Deckard, idle trash is localized exclusively in your cranium.

It's easier to write who is satisfied with this idle trash.

If China is dissatisfied with something, then let it roll nafig