The Su-25


China about Su-25: simple and rude, but excellent

China praised the Soviet Su-25 attack aircraft.

The Chinese edition of "Sina" published an 16 August 2018 article, in which experts praised the Soviet, and now Russian, Su-25 attack aircraft. According to Chinese military experts, this aircraft has great prospects to this day, despite the fact that it was designed more than 40 years ago.

According to Chinese military experts, the Russian fighter has a simple form, it is distinguished by rough lines and contours, it lacks any grace, but at the same time, this aircraft has incredible power and is excellent in performing combat missions.

"The Russian Su-25 does not have any advanced technologies, but it does a great job of destroying the enemy's ground targets, literally devastating the fortifications created and turning scrap metal into armored vehicles", - reported in the publication.

According to analysts, the Russian Su-25 is very similar to the American attack aircraft A-10, but it's only about the external similarity - in the combat plan, the Russian plane completely surpasses it.

"He (Su-25 - Ed.) Is simple and reliable. This is what a real stormtrooper should be like "- Emphasizes the publication.

* Su-25 - Soviet and Russian attack aircraft, armored subsonic military aircraft. Designed to directly support ground forces over the battlefield day and night with direct visibility of the target, as well as the destruction of objects with given coordinates around the clock in any weather conditions