China on Su-57: Russia itself signed a sentence to the 5-generation fighter

China called the Russian Su-57 a "dead" fighter.

The Chinese edition of Sina published an article in which military analysts again decided to discuss the effectiveness of the latest Russian Su-57 fighter. According to experts, the fact that the Russian fifth-generation aircraft successfully passed the tests and proved itself in the fighting in Syria undoubtedly indicates that this aircraft can perfectly cope with the assigned combat missions, but analysts stressed that Russia itself recognized the failure of this project and put on it a huge cross.

"Russia said in July this year that the mass production of fifth-generation fighter aircraft has no meaning. If the Russian Su-57 fighter was efficient and efficient, Russia would certainly have found the means to start mass production of these aircraft, but instead she herself signed the verdict ", - reported in the Chinese edition.

It should be clarified that the world is critical enough to the emergence of the fifth generation Su-57 fighter in Russia, in particular, India, China, USA, Great Britain and Sweden were criticized for this aircraft. As for India, this country decided to quit the project to create a fifth-generation fighter based on the Russian Su-57, which was a great blow to the reputation of Russian aircraft builders.

The Chinese need to shovel this plane as much as possible, so that it does not appear to the Indians, otherwise it will be necessary to forget about superiority in the sky.

Forget the fate of 57 solved, sawed him from the bobble and hare, further expensive, talked immediately about the sixth so that there is more time ahead, time goes by everything changes, 6 will talk about 7, armate, the refusal of masses of news 100 pcs and enough for display on parades and the war will be an ancient 72! ((

China does not have such an airplane, so they write all sorts of shit. At them all aviatsia it is the Soviet and Russian planes 4 generations remade in their harmony. Their armament is generally full of gas. Including the same missiles.

India decided to go out, and then enter ...
And the main critics were the country's competitors! It's amazing! At the same time, some have spent space on a plane that is still damp and problematic. About the second it is not known how much they spent, but they also copied from the USSR and America. And while these second do not have their own normal engine and are forced to buy engines in Russia. Something they are silent about this. So I doubt that China has a cool airplane.

Anyone can scourge. And not everyone can repeat it. Su 57 needs to complete without hurry until the 6 generation ...


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