Air Defense C-400


China confirmed the greatness of air defense S-400

Recently, Saudi Arabia agreed to buy a C-400 air defense missile system from the Russian Federation, and this was a serious blow to the United States and its European allies. Earlier, Turkey purchased the air defense system of S-400 at 2,5 billion $ and began negotiations with Egypt. At present, Egypt has already equipped the S-300VM system designed to intercept and destroy medium- and short-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, tactical and strategic aircraft, precision weapons, early warning and detection aircraft, and electronic warfare aircraft (EW ). The C-300 system is in service in countries such as Greece - NATO ally, India, China, Venezuela, Ukraine, and Bulgaria (a member of NATO).

Although the C-300 system has high efficiency, C-400 drastically changes the laws of air defense. First of all, because the C-400 system is capable of launching more interceptor missiles of four different types:

  • 40N6E (range of 400 km)
  • 48N6 (250 km);
  • 9M96EXXUM (2 km);
  • 9M96M (40 km).

For comparison, the Patriot system of the US production works only with interceptor missiles, the range of which is 96 km. It is important that long-range missiles 9M96Е2, used in the C-400 system, are a real breakthrough in military technologies - they are capable of developing a flight speed of about 5 000 m / s. The main targets of such missiles are enemy aircraft and cruise missiles that have passed through the air defense system.

Dr. Carlo Kopp, one of the modern experts in the aerospace industry, said that there is also an additional radar for C-400 to destroy modern stealth aircraft - F-22 and F-35. This radar works in several frequency bands, including VHF and L-bands, where you can find "invisible fighters".

The plane F-35 is protected only the front of the fuselage, that is, if it deviates from the course, it will become vulnerable to attack. Following Russia and China, which focused on the development of aircraft and missiles on stealth technology, the entire air defense system of the United States and its allies is gradually becoming obsolete. When upgrading radar systems, the integrated Russian air defense system will take one more step forward. The shortage of funds for the development and manufacture of new aircraft has led to the fact that Russia is now lagging behind in the arms race for a decade. because of economic instability, the country can not meet the needs of the Armed Forces in the purchase of a sufficient number of military equipment and weapons. Therefore, it invests in the development of a Russian air defense system capable of withstanding American cruise missiles and stealth aircraft.

The C-400 system acts as a counter-argument against many command and staff aircraft, for example, the E-3 DRLO. The US and its allies in the North Atlantic Alliance use such aircraft at their military bases in the UAE and Japan where the squadrons of these aircraft can become targets for interceptor missiles S-400.

Saudi Arabia has shown interest in modern Russian air defense systems mainly for their other merit - the ability to withstand ballistic missiles, although there are no real facts confirming this function at the complex.

There is also an opinion that the signing by the Saudis of a contract for the supply of weapons may be due to the purchase of Egypt by the complex C-300VM and C-400. With regard to the arms trade, Russia actively cooperates with Greece and Turkey, which are considered to be clients of the United States on the market, as well as with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the Persian Gulf. Russia demonstrates a significant breakthrough in air defense technology. Currently, with the C-400 system, no analog can compete.

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