C-300 China


China threatened Kiev with measures for the "overflow" of US secret information about C-300

Kiev may come under serious blow from China.

Ukraine’s attempts to create problems for Russia can turn into a serious blow for it. Thus, according to information provided by the Chinese news agency Sina, China is seriously concerned about the transfer of secret information systems about the C-300 air defense systems to the United States, which are also in service with the PRC.

According to the Sina edition, the PRC Ministry of Defense sent an unambiguous remark to Kiev about the delivery of the radar from the S-300 Favorite to the USA and the transfer of some secret information relating to this air defense system. Any details of this are still unknown, but it is reported that the PRC will be ready to take measures to counter official Kiev, whose actions threaten the national security of the PRC.

The People's Republic of China does not rule out that the study of Washington’s C-300 air defense systems will make it possible to work out measures to combat these complexes, which puts at risk the use of not only these systems, but also the Triumph C-400 complexes, which in China only adopted armament, since The technologies used are almost identical.

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