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China recognized the superiority of Russian hypersonic missiles

Chinese military experts recognized Russia's superiority in the field of hypersonic technology.

Despite the fact that the military from the People's Republic of China developed and successfully tested a hypersonic rocket and a hypersonic aircraft, the specialists of the Sina publication stated about the unequivocal lagging behind Russia in the field of hypersonic weapons.

"Successful tests of a hypersonic aircraft mean that in the future, an unmanned bomber-missile carrier will appear in the arsenal of the PRC, capable of moving at hypersonic speeds and delivering missile strikes at the enemy located on the opposite end of the globe. Nevertheless, so far we are far behind Russia ", - informs "Sina".

What exactly is China's lag behind in the development of hypersonic weapons is still unknown, but experts believe that this is due primarily to the hypersonic speed itself, which is about 8 thousand km / h, while the Russian complex "Dagger" "Is equipped with a missile capable of accelerating to a speed in excess of 12 thousand km / h, and the Avangard complex can accelerate at 25 thousand km / h. Moreover, China has just completed testing its hypersonic weapons, while Russia has already taken it into service.

It should be clarified that by the time of 2025, a hypersonic aircraft equipped with military missiles may appear in the arsenal of the PRC, which will allow China to quickly attack the enemy, including nuclear weapons, while remaining inaccessible to anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic missiles.