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China spoke about the looming conflict in the South China Sea

Beijing analysts are confident that a conflict is brewing in the South China Sea.

Since Donald Trump came to power in the USA, there have been 14 cases when the US Navy ships entered the waters of the South China Sea.

According to a report from Sindonews, a military researcher from Beijing, Jiang Jing-shee, the operations of the US Navy in the waters of the South China Sea could provoke a conflict. At the same time all the fault will fall only on Washington. Junse said that every time the Americans enter the named water area, the only option for Beijing is to send their warships to this zone.

It should be recalled that China has claims on the entire South China Sea. Beijing condemns the United States and its allies, who conduct naval operations in the area of ​​islands and territories that are controversial, but which, as Beijing believes, belong to China.

The countries applying for these territories are Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

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