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China-Russia: C-500 systems are unpromising

China does not intend to buy Russian complexes S-500.

Sina published an article by Chinese military expert Chen Guangyung, who stressed that Russian S-500 SAM systems Prometheus, despite their rather unique capabilities, do not represent absolutely any value for the PRC army. This is primarily due to the fact that the SAM systems of the previous generation, and we are talking about C-400 systems, can fully cope with the tasks of destroying all air threats, while the capabilities of the S-500 "Prometheus" SAM systems associated with the destruction medium-range ballistic missiles, will by no means be justified by an extremely high price.

"The Russian" Prometheus "is an innovative development that has no analogues in the world. Nevertheless, for China it does not represent any interest. We are quite satisfied with the C-400 complexes adopted for armament, and for the destruction of ballistic missiles there are missiles of our own design, the effectiveness of which is extremely high ", - said the military analyst of the publication Chen Guangyun.

It should be clarified that earlier China had already acquired the Russian C-400 “Triumph” air defense system, which was mainly due to the high efficiency of these air defense systems, the ability to use them to destroy stealth targets, as well as the rather low cost that Russia offered this country as its main strategic partner.

According to Chinese experts, to date, the PRC already has missiles capable of destroying ballistic missiles and space satellites, in particular, they are talking about "Kinetic-2", "Kinetic-3", "Hongqi-26" and "Redflag-19 », And already in the near future, China plans to create a hypersonic rocket capable of moving at a speed of 25 thousand km / h., Which is twice as fast as the Russian hypersonic missile X-47M2, which is part of the Dzhazhin missile system.

* Prometheus C-500 air defense missile system is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system being developed by Concern VKO Almaz-Antey JSC as a new generation of anti-aircraft missile systems (systems), in which it is planned to apply the principle of separate solving tasks for the destruction of ballistic and aerodynamic targets. The main objective of the complex is to combat the combat equipment of medium-range ballistic missiles: it is possible to intercept an MRSD with a launch range of up to 3500 km., And, if necessary, an ICBM in the final segment of the trajectory and, within certain limits, in the middle segment.

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I adore such articles of both Western and now Chinese experts .... The keynote: in Russia it's always worse .... You read, the dagger has already been tested and put into service ... While the Chinese "plan to create in the near future ... "
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Basically, they are always aimed to buy something they do not know, but where they themselves work at almost the same level, of course they count on their abilities! Especially, there is no need to hurry, with the possibilities of deterring an attack, one should not expect! For Russia, the main thing, neutralization and breakthrough of defense probable enemy, that is, a potential aggressor!

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The complex has not yet appeared, but no one needs it - Raisha Vperde!

China's business says - with an unknown cost, but very big, China does not want to pay for the modernized C-400 (in fact it does). As a result, India will buy and possibly Turkey - the rest does not need it, but yes, maybe Iran


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