China: Russia did not create any full-fledged combat aircraft

China said that Russian military aircraft construction is held only at the expense of Soviet developments.

Specialists of the Chinese edition of "East Day", having studied the capabilities of modern Russian aircraft, came to the conclusion that Russian scientists and engineers did not create any full-fledged combat aircraft - all existing developments are either inefficient or a legacy of the Soviet Union.

"In general, the Russian Air Force is one of the strongest on the planet, and opponents of Russia are well aware of this, but most of the Russian combat aircraft are legacies of the USSR", - the edition marks.

According to experts, the Russian designers are engaged only in the modernization and technical retrofitting of Soviet combat aircraft, in particular, the Su-35 fighter, which according to the Chinese military is one of the best on the planet, is a deeply modernized Su-27 fighter (initially Su -35 was positioned as Su-27М), all strategic bombers in service with Russia are also from the USSR, and for a number of opinions previously expressed by analysts from the PRC, hypersonic weapons, Something relatively new to Russia, was developed back in the 80s of the last century.

On the other hand, the PRC also has almost no combat aircraft of its own design - most of them were developed on the basis of Soviet aircraft, in particular, the same strategic bomber Xian H-6K, is almost a complete copy of the Soviet Tu-16, and therefore the statements of Chinese military experts have no meaning.

"The information published by the" East Day "is provocative. With the same success it can be said that all existing developments are deeply modernized versions of the Wright Brothers aircraft. Is it possible to compare the capabilities of Su-27 and Su-35 fighters? Compare the air-to-surface missile with hypersonic X-47M2? ", - stressed the analyst

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We have a legacy of developments, trials and mistakes of our ancestors. And our designers and engineers either refine it or improve it. Further conclusions and conclusions, as well as operating time for the next pokaleniya.A Chineses either did not leave anything or did not work. There are only handouts from the side of the USSR in the form of drawings for tanks and airplanes. Well, what else did the Chinese themselves stryil.Tak that, let the cow from the USA mooch, although they blinded the Sherman of the unsuitable.

Chinese technology from .ovna and sticks is the advanced technique of those who for all the existence of their Chinese nation did not create anything, used other people's handouts and traded stealing. Even the Chinese wall was not built by the Chinese, they simply appropriated themselves, like the Egyptians.

And in general, the helicopter spacecraft 60-This is a deep modernization of Carlson .......

The Chinese do not have anything of their own bad copies, which they praise. At the exercises in China, our military tested the technique of China turned out to be a full g ....

Well, that's agreed. And if you dig deeper? say, from a stone ax!

The task of the article is how to humiliate everything that is currently being produced, believe it is impossible to make a modern model of weapons using the developments of half a century ago, everything has changed, materials, technologies, etc. Americans for more than 20 years can not simply repeat the rocket engine RD180.

Well, no, let's say, new developments! Let's wait for the Chinese. We have the right. That will be, if it's a big question.

Yes comrade, you're damn right, a huge bias in getting money for work. The real work, the creative work of specialists from the military-industrial complex, is practically not appreciated and theoretically not needed. And it is necessary to eat, there are very few altruists in Russia, there are no enthusiasts at all.

some kind of garbage site, broadcasting on behalf of China, PRC

Only having three classes of education you can talk about copies. Without the documentation of technology and production, it is impossible to copy anything. If we are so clever then something not a single car was copied and rides on Romanian garbage with the squeaker Renault.

Bozhechki you are mine! Evil is not enough ... The Chinese in space suddenly broke out on Soviet developments. Well, they sold to them something that was no longer of special value to us. It was in 90-e .. Well, so they flew time and again into the orbit and what next? Never mind . In addition to bright plans for the future in the exploration of outer space, they remain bright. Okay so .. The Russians agreed to work together in space .. And why did not the Chinese escape to space on American developments? That's a good question . Planes, you see, we have yesterday. Well forgotten old, sometimes better than new. Yes, either dreaming or imagining, but in appearance and outline, Chinese aircraft can be easily confused with the Soviet Russian.

Narrow-film, and what they, they, that invented and created ???
All that is in China, it's stolen and copied !!!

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And what "full-fledged aircraft" created in China itself ?? can the prototype of our Boots or MiGs?

The article says that Russia is simply eating up those leftovers
inheritance of the USSR. At the same time successfully and consciously disintegrating
Scientific schools and offices in the military-industrial complex, destroying science, education
In the country together with the entire economy, the legacy of the USSR and
creating nothing new. The Chinese are right in 1990 r we overtook
China's GDP and salary for 1 rights, but today remained
hopeless with such rulers.

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Russia in general, or what did not do after the collapse of the USSR. Our country is ruled by thieves and rogues who are engaged in plundering the country and turning the population into slaves! Those who support Pukin and Yer-or thieves or idiots !!!

the designer designed the aircraft with a perspective and with a large margin of durability. And to create flying saucers is not profitable. There is no need for such. But if necessary, do not doubt, Russia will not wake up. Consider more about your near and dear ones, about children. Just love people.

you are not right. There must be a topic in order to write something. Turkmenistan.

Unfortunately, the Chinese wrote the truth, they relying on our equipment have gone far ahead in the creation of new aircraft and we will never catch up with them again

THEFT! Briefly and clearly.

However, China for some reason is buying our "defective" aircraft ...

If the USSR existed to this day, then those developments and projects that existed then, we would now see the most unlikely equipment, said, as one engineer 60-70x designer from "NE ZALEZHNOY."

"China said that Russian military aircraft construction is held only at the expense of Soviet developments" - in fact, this is called a school! I wonder how the Chinese call what they do (copy)?

Thieves and copyists these Chinese ...

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They envy, they would open their eyes wider, maybe they would see something new, in our VKS !!!

Russia is a receiver of the USSR. All the military developments that were created there, and not only the military, are now the property of the Russian Federation. Forget the word "Soviet". Now he was replaced by a Russian word. And it should be noted that when Russia paid the debts of the USSR, none of the former republics even paid a penny.

Here I agree with the Chinese completely.
But China has not created a single fighter, only the unsuccessful copying of aircraft from other countries with minor changes.

The specialist rightly said - Keaty did a lot of new things ??? Copied here, stole there - all the cases

And in fact, that in the Russian aviation, including. civilian has changed - the unfortunate SSD have done everything, but he does not need anyone

I would say that Russia (the USSR does not count) did nothing nicherta at all. Without Soviet scientists, we would have the roots of spruce and nettles, although what am I talking about ... When a manager in Magnit receives more than an engineer in Tupolev, Ilyushin, etc., who will do something - relates to the ordinary aviation contractor, and for 20K, no one will do anything, but we will help the cube restore the capitol, and we will rebuild Syria

China is power hungry country.
They consider themselves superior humans compared to other country humans.

Not only do they have border disputes with each and every country and their neighbor.

Pakistan, Sri Lanka are already trapped.

To counter America, Russians took China's side. And China has attacked India in 1963 and 1967.

To counter China, India has to forceful take US support.

If Russia would stand strong, India and Russian friendship would have been even stronger.

I think Geo politics changes with time. But i hope our friendships grow more over time.