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China: Russia boasted a "superweapon" and remained without a trump card

China laughed at the theft of Russian secret weapons.

More recently, it became known that the West could seize the secret Russian hypersonic technology, the same one used in the latest Russian armament, including the Dagger and Avangard complexes, as well as the Sarmat ballistic missile. Against this background, the Chinese resource "iFeng" published a curious article in which he sympathized with the Russian military, and ridiculed their failures.

According to the Chinese edition, the Russian military decided to boast of the appearance of a unique hypersonic weapon, having achieved recognition that it was Russia that became the first country in the world to create it, successfully tested it and adopted it. The statement about the incredible power of Russian weapons frightened the West, and therefore, it was decided to steal the unique technology, thereby depriving Russia of any advantages.

According to analysts, Russia has really very much hastened with the disclosure of all the possibilities of its "superweapon", as a result of which it has now remained "without a trump card". Against this background, the publication also led a rather well-known proverb: "Do not expose riches for show."

It should be clarified that at the moment it remains unknown who exactly could have stolen the unique Russian hypersonic technology, however this clearly threatens with Russia's national interests.