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China: Putin's planes and missiles began to take positions

Chinese experts said that Russia is giving up the position of a superpower.

A few days ago, an article was published in the Chinese edition of East Day, in which experts from the PRC reproached the President of the Russian Federation for the fact that he had essentially begun to give up the position of Russia as a superpower. This is due, according to analysts from China, primarily the fact that Russia completely ignored the last two massive air and missile strikes on the territory of Syria, without using their air defense systems, and after the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, Russia completely announced without the intention to supply Syria with the C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems.

"Russia is a superpower, equal in its military power and potential of the United States. Nevertheless, recent events have shown that this country is gradually beginning to surrender its positions, which is expressed by the weakness manifested in Syria, although initially, Russia promised to protect Syria from any external threats. All this demonstrates Putin's weakness - he is giving up his position ", - says the publication.

Among other things, the publication reports that the US Air Force aircraft continue flights over the territory of Syria (the northern part of the country controlled by the US - approx. Ed.), Which is at odds with the data provided by Russia on the total control of the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic. Moreover, the Russian HVAC have become much less likely to inflict airplanes on the positions of terrorists — in the past few days only a few air strikes have been recorded, although there are regions in which populated areas are completely controlled by the militants.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that earlier Russia declared non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the military conflict between Israel and Iran that affected the territory of Syria is in this category, which is probably why Russian systems Air Defense was not used to destroy missiles launched by the Arab state of the Israeli side.

Everything is clear about chocolate! Tkachev said that in the Russian Federation four years in a row a crop failure of coffee beans !!!

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+ One addition China is not over the power.

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I'm not sure, I think that nuclear winter is a bluff, and the coming war will be long and bloody. And China would be silent if he was alive while Russia was standing, we would not be crooned and he and very quickly.

It is neither on high mountain. And in the cellar (type
we can see everything from the cellar)

These attacks were insignificant, mostly not by Americans and not by especially important, protected targets. The goal is one that would fully illuminate the air defense, detect and destroy before a serious global attack. Our leaders did not take this into consideration and revealed other variants of developments with a global strike. "The Russians are harnessed for a long time, but quickly go," Chinese chatter does not cost anything. The big risk will roll into the global conflict. In the other world, no one is in a hurry. The restraint shows strength and confidence on the contrary.

smart-ass Chinese want on our hump in paradise to enter. it will not work. Putin is still playing in the war, and they need to be serious, of course, of course, but I think that on the same day, the war for all will end, in general.

There is nothing to be surprised at here. Pure marketing. Criticism of competitors is the same as advertising their own, the next step is the supply of their goods as an alternative. And so, also the authority of a stranger to replace one. Eastern tradition!

And not Shota Rustaveli? ...

And where did the Chinese show their "steepness"?

The usual Chinese tactic is to sit on a high rock and watch. how the lion is fighting with a tiger. In some cases, such tactics are justified, but. in truth, no matter how they acted, they would not lose.

Of all the fuss between the United States, Russia and the EU, it's the Chinese that are winning, starting with energy carriers and ending with the purchase of seaports, these clever ones are substituting for themselves around the world. And the fact that the Chinese began to express this way to their "friends" of Russia, then it was clear to any common man that Russia needs the Chinese as a raw material appendage and, of course, to get new military developments, as soon as they get it all, they immediately throw us off and then with our land later questions will begin, do not understand it only our king and his government, and maybe they understand and still climb, which is even worse

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You vumnaya still do not understand that now everything is done for someone's benefit. So all these conversations, in particular about how to compensate for the oligarchs, but what else would those doing for their country, forbid.

China is profitable to piss Russia off. If the Russian Federation and the United States destroy each other, the PRC will remain the world hegemon. And they did not send a can of cans to Syria.

So let Iran and blow up these warehouses, if they are near ..

Given such assessments, the Chinese publication does not need to forget that China, at the moment, buys from Russia advanced weapons, including aircraft, bombers, missiles ..

As soon as Putin met with Netanyahu, especially as Israel bombed Syria, it became clear, and we already know it, that he is lobbying for Israel's interests. It's just that he himself is a Jew, he does not touch his own. And Erdogan correctly said, Israel is a terrorist state parasitizing others, they have developed many methods of covert war, which he applies to us. And there is nothing human in them, everything is cut off in the first week after birth ...

It has long been known that the Chinese are sitting on the shore and waiting for the corpse of the enemy to pass by! Is not the PRC itself a superpower, especially a Communist, hostile to US imperialism? But something is struggling with IGIL in Syria and only the Russia helps the Donbas. Struggle with other people's hands to carry chestnuts out of the fire most easily.

What is a superpower ?! Do not make me laugh! From what then suddenly everyone decided that our army had become stronger. Bomb EGIL anyone can, even Luxembourg if desired. As always, as something serious begins, our caulk

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Well, these facts as you say do not prevent us from being anyway a superpower, even if we are an appendage of the raw material state, as you said, that we with our military budget are tens of times smaller than the US in arms, it's much stronger here, you have one more. An undeniable fact

And you badly live?

"Everyone imagines himself a strategist, seeing a fight from the side" (C) Bagration.

I do not agree with you! The most important service of Putin, that he did not let break Russia, like the USSR! But they stood on the edge of the abyss! And only then the Crimea, the Arctic and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk! And we need Syria! Why did the Americans on Assad soar, and for all the same Qatari gas in Europe, the old woman! He did not give to pull the gas pipeline on his territory, that's what Europe needs to buy from Russia. In Syria, not the owners, but Putin, as if the tramp did not shout from the rostrum about victory! The whole world knows who the winner is! Syria is very necessary for us, so that the Pentagon is not so free in the Mediterranean Sea! Now we are the hosts there. Through mesyatsok the answer will be for all the frills of America and K! We only have to hold the championship ... We'll hold and answer! Still as we shall respond !!!

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If you are a great connoisseur in politics, you must know how to spell the name of Primakov correctly.

The standard of living has risen? In 2014 the famous brand chocolate cost 36 rub. Now 99-105rub. Further, there is no sense to enumerate ... s / n is rumored to be indexed only in a separate state of Moscow. For 10 years it has not grown ... already 2 the wave of hyperinflation was during this time.

you are right. you are not lucky with Russia after the overthrow of the tsar-father.

All of Russia is working to ensure that people live well in America, it became clear after the collapse of the USSR

Putin has nothing to do with it. Syria's problems are solved by Syria, Iran-Iran problems, Israeli problems-Israel.
Putin talked about non-interference, so he does not interfere.

Of course it's better to lie down under Iran, Turkey - you see no other way for Russia. Themselves probably spent their lives in this position and liked it ...

America wants to unleash the war of Europe with Russia has long been understandable. Our neighbors China and Japan are waiting for an outcome that would squeeze out of us part of the territory. The Japanese will finally solve the issue with the Kuriles and China. The Far East will podomnet.Potetomu China benefit that would quickly all this has already begun podzhuchivaya Russian Chinese military probably already stand ready and their content is worth a lot of money ... not an easy situation

"Vumny", pragmatic .... You say ... Crimea, the Arctic ... Coward, a troechnik in a school, he runs the country on a "troika" ... If not for Premakov EM. he would have overslept the Crimea ... Having such opportunities and the conjuncture for 20 years, little has been done ... Has developed an unthinkable theft, which in Russia has never been ... For 20 years from Russia, the capital was exported to 4 trillion dollars ... could be done in Russia for 4 trillion dollars ?! I think that the "Zhirik" and then it would be better a few times would have happened!

So the fools are bred for a fight in the street! So the Chinese - and you are no longer a superpower, you are afraid to sell missiles, you do not answer the blows of Americans, etc. And they themselves sit and do not climb anywhere according to the saying - when two tigers fight, better sit on a hill and watch. Well done ...

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And how many and what was destroyed during the reign of the "sweet couple", including in the defense sphere, transferred to dollars and withdrawn to offshore, did not find it?

It's easier to lie under the oligarchs led by Putin and live in the dermis, but without war, than to fight for the future of their descendants.

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Mark, would you like the war with IGIL to be in Moscow? Or is it better than Damascus?

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There was a raid from Lebanon, two minutes of summer and the Jews used bombs that were planned up to 100 kilometers. And natanyahu zabaltyval this situation in Moscow for the celebration 9 May.
And the Jewish press writes-Natanyahu notified Moscow of the blow but did not say where.

Keeping a blow, is this like? constantly lies under the US and Israel? Constantly betrays his allies in Syria? Yes, you have a strange idea of ​​holding a blow

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