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China: Putin's planes and missiles began to take positions

Chinese experts said that Russia is giving up the position of a superpower.

A few days ago, an article was published in the Chinese edition of East Day, in which experts from the PRC reproached the President of the Russian Federation for the fact that he had essentially begun to give up the position of Russia as a superpower. This is due, according to analysts from China, primarily the fact that Russia completely ignored the last two massive air and missile strikes on the territory of Syria, without using their air defense systems, and after the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, Russia completely announced without the intention to supply Syria with the C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems.

"Russia is a superpower, equal in its military power and potential of the United States. Nevertheless, recent events have shown that this country is gradually beginning to surrender its positions, which is expressed by the weakness manifested in Syria, although initially, Russia promised to protect Syria from any external threats. All this demonstrates Putin's weakness - he is giving up his position ", - says the publication.

Among other things, the publication reports that the US Air Force aircraft continue flights over the territory of Syria (the northern part of the country controlled by the US - approx. Ed.), Which is at odds with the data provided by Russia on the total control of the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic. Moreover, the Russian HVAC have become much less likely to inflict airplanes on the positions of terrorists — in the past few days only a few air strikes have been recorded, although there are regions in which populated areas are completely controlled by the militants.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that earlier Russia declared non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the military conflict between Israel and Iran that affected the territory of Syria is in this category, which is probably why Russian systems Air Defense was not used to destroy missiles launched by the Arab state of the Israeli side.

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I know one thing the US is Russia's enemy! And will try to translate the Anaconda plan! As long as they get it, the USSR is under a slope! The republics are set to negatively softly say. Putin is holding a blow.

I strongly doubt that Putin does not know what he is doing. all the previous problems clearly show that he calculates the situation on the 2-3 move forward ... if now Israeli planes and the floating craft of the coalition do not destroy - then so it is necessary. you have not seen the article of frightened commanders of militants in Syria, that they (the command staff) are being quietly liquidated and they blame Russia for this? what prevents as (quietly) shoot "gentlemen" at the American base in Syria? or do something else without advertising your participation?

In our country for a long time already there was no such clever and pragmatic ruler. Our Crimea. In the Arctic Ocean again our bases. The Sea of ​​Okhotsk is recognized by the Russian territory. The army is reared. Fifth economy in the world. The standard of living has risen even in the alignment with the Soviet era. It remains only to work and not chew snot nudging their own failures to power.

I do not fully understand what we are doing there? That's what they say they say the Qatari gas will go to Europe ... utter nonsense!

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It is necessary for Russia to start a world carnage for the sake of some kind of Arabs, and it is not necessary for Pindos.
Therefore, both of these glory to God act prudently and accurately.

The Israelites are idiots. Well, it is worthwhile to organize the fall of some old f-16 or Kfir to the Syrian territory-to declare -mil works Pantsyr. What a joy for both Russians and Iranians and Syrians. And so what, they'll write off all this crap The armor with CNNUMX and KB will be closed-they will buy Patriots for petrodollars and Americans will be hired in the VCS.

Russia does everything cleverly and calmly the main thing Russia has done has driven the igilovites away from the main civilization, now there will be less evils from them and China hastily and recklessly accuses Russia of its weaknesses why they do it is incomprehensible for Russia its tasks and what it must have done successfully and will do as believes it is necessary and China does not have a decree, let it be better to think about it, but Russia will be able to protect itself from any aggressor so calm China

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I would put things in order, people have nothing to eat, one lies of the media only eats the people of the richest country

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Russia has long been sold.

In Syria, the intertwining of many contradictions. Not all of them are ours.

That's who elected him, that bullshit in my head ... For 18 years, a man sold Russia in parts and in bulk, to his friends and the West, and did nothing for the future of Russia, weapons, this is not the future, the USSR had it, for the whole world and that, it is necessary to invest in people, into the economy for the people, and not to militarize the country, thinking only of preserving its throne. So you will not save the throne and the country will fall apart

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It is possible that the new 6 years will be the last for Putin as a first person. During this time, we need to make peace with the West, ensure our further security from the persecution and carefully prepare the way for immigration ...

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PRC sells products of environmentally polluting industries, which it brought there. This is the basis of its exports, well, cheap consumer goods. Robotics removes from there and labor-intensive production. China does not buy all high-tech West. The Chinese want to belittle our weapons to buy his gun shit.

A bunch of uncomprehending idiots, who do not understand politics at all, dare to blame the president of a great country.

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Clearly stated

I totally agree. It seems that Putin is trying to "not offend" anyone and such an attempt to land on several chairs is immediately fraught ... With his experience, it's time to understand this. The same is true for the Donbas. The position should be clear and specific. This causes respect for all. And then he only Medvedev can stand up to the people. And Syria really promised protection. It is a pity that he increasingly does not keep his word. It's a shame. Pride for the state is lost.

I clearly explain that the Olympic Games are like a war in a peaceful channel, the honor of the country, the flag, the coat of arms, etc., when you go without it you are dishonest, the ship, the plane, the territory of the embassy is the birthplace of the state - when these things cease to violently defend, you become a shame that no one in the world respects what you Syria in general say, here the Syrians themselves would not tolerate such a disgrace.

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