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China: Putin's planes and missiles began to take positions

Chinese experts said that Russia is giving up the position of a superpower.

A few days ago, an article was published in the Chinese edition of East Day, in which experts from the PRC reproached the President of the Russian Federation for the fact that he had essentially begun to give up the position of Russia as a superpower. This is due, according to analysts from China, primarily the fact that Russia completely ignored the last two massive air and missile strikes on the territory of Syria, without using their air defense systems, and after the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, Russia completely announced without the intention to supply Syria with the C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems.

"Russia is a superpower, equal in its military power and potential of the United States. Nevertheless, recent events have shown that this country is gradually beginning to surrender its positions, which is expressed by the weakness manifested in Syria, although initially, Russia promised to protect Syria from any external threats. All this demonstrates Putin's weakness - he is giving up his position ", - says the publication.

Among other things, the publication reports that the US Air Force aircraft continue flights over the territory of Syria (the northern part of the country controlled by the US - approx. Ed.), Which is at odds with the data provided by Russia on the total control of the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic. Moreover, the Russian HVAC have become much less likely to inflict airplanes on the positions of terrorists — in the past few days only a few air strikes have been recorded, although there are regions in which populated areas are completely controlled by the militants.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that earlier Russia declared non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the military conflict between Israel and Iran that affected the territory of Syria is in this category, which is probably why Russian systems Air Defense was not used to destroy missiles launched by the Arab state of the Israeli side.

in point, the article is not exactly from Kiat)) or maybe even from China from some one of a million edition on 10 000 copies in some village with a population of a thousand on 100)))))
that would decide for a co-ordinate task it is necessary to know at least variables) Putin is not a fool !!! it's a strategist and a tactician. there everything is calculated. Yes, the Russian Federation does not have the authority to defend our air defense's siren only by saving our facilities. in a similar article, the bot was written that suxnumx loses even j57 saying that russia is giving up positions)) and the general staff's whip screaming recalled they were praising the SU for their super advanced engines, unlike fNNUMX old bullshit. that the technique of SU is under the sun and rain and is ready to fly out and F20 in the hangar to the devanchiki pivko drink chilled must) and Putin does not need war now! his role is to disguise all the Russophobes who just cough up what the Russian wants to attack at all) and now all the people's pain sees that it's not the Russian Federation, but the United States everywhere is driving without a vazilin and is teaching everyone how to live. and now the arrival of Netanyahu is a supper indicator. Israel is an ally of the United States. And on the bow and all plans to hand over to Putin, Israel came personally, potmou as Putin is a weighty figure but not the US. I support Putin from the country raise his knees and especially under sanctions I do not think that someone else could. As Khozanov was telling ".... Brezhnev stands at the airport, he flaunts his policy, that took off already and Brezhnev all hand with his hand, then the assistant comes up and says Leonid Ilyich, what are you waiting for so long as he is not a politician?" Lionid Ilyich: Yes, as a politician, it's full of shit ... ")))))))))) and about Putin, we can still have the social sector not at the proper level and its cockroaches are enough, but the level is growing and the country's security! The US did not bomb her like that !!! and the collapse of the USSR is equated with the stinker, that and Yeltsin finished off what was not finished off. so that for 35 years from scratch skolko military technology, passenger aviostraenie podmiyaetsya, electronics smolyo factories podminietsya, even their own processors! so normally we go. do not whine.

And this should be expected! The question rests on the economy. The United States, the leading capitalist power and, moreover, imperialist in essence, and its actions are to be viewed from the point of view of Karl Marx's statements!
The history of the creation of the State of Israel and its intended functions ?! This is essentially turning it into a police state, the task is not to allow the oil-producing countries to escape from the control of the US, for which an attempt to seize them with powerful weapons and create military blocs among themselves must be stopped, which was happening! Although, of course, in a sense its actions are of no small importance to explain. as an attempt to prevent the efforts of these countries to increase their power to the point of superiority over the armed forces of Israel, in the light of the non-recognition of these states, which poses a threat to its possible destruction!
At an early stage, the Jewish population in Palestine was pandered to the British solely for their political interests, they are known, but unwilling to tear their established ties with the Arab world elite, subsequently began to restrict their relocation to a new place of residence, but the USSR and the US opposed it. , it is understandable that their plans for the creation of a Jewish state appeared during the Second World War, perhaps earlier in connection with the explored reserves of oil in the Middle East and the sharp increase in the production of masts in the country, And the USSR had kinds on creation of own influence in the Near East through natives of Russia on behalf of the first heads of this state, but as a result it has turned out, Americans have won! And then Israel made preventive bombing of the construction of industrial facilities in the territories of the Arab states, which in the future could give them the opportunity to create nuclear weapons, the same happens with Iran, but not in the sense of a strong fear that they are secretly continuing their development in this direction , but the idea of ​​creating chaos on the periphery of the borders with Russia (with China, it is possible!), is being seen, for what the American "invasion" and the Central Asian countries happened, it is dangerous for their artificial "Islamization her, then their coming to power, to stir up the situation practically to "Afghan", this is already an immediate threat to the normal existence of Russia, "the Syrian war" can come very close! In the end, all these countries may become torn and cease independent existence, this It is dangerous for these peoples! The long stay of the US troops in Afghanistan did not bring anything substantial and positive for this people, the armed units were not crushed, but apparently the task was not to liquidate them, but to "preserve" them to create a reaction and merge with fellow believers into one chaotic war of self-destruction ?! Iran with its Shiite population differs from the "Sunni" majority in that the religious hierarchy there is built like the Orthodox, it disciplines Muslims-Shiites and they look back at their ayatollah in their actions and actions. Sunnits have no unquestioning authority and anarchy is entirely permissible! Therefore, the governing authorities of the Central Asian republics should think about the future if they wish to preserve independence and peace in their states, rather than relaxing from the "gifts of the Danais"! More expensive will be the separation from cooperation with Russia!

this bot is not standing by China)) or from some kind of crocheted expert)

why does everyone think that Russia should defend Syria? she does not have such powers !!! the Syrian-Russian contract is the supply of weapons, training of personnel and assistance in the fight against the liberation of the territory from terrorists. The air defense of the Russian Federation can protect only the owl objects. + these are all diplomatic concepts and we do not know how they are. maybe Assad in something is not condescending and thus the Russian Federation shows that you yourself can not cope. Maybe Russia is saving TTX in the battle of its air defense technology for an important incident. can prepare what it goes and the lull of vigilance. + this is the analysis of Iran - Israel, as well as cool the dust that they say Putin only wants war! although recently Europeans and the United States have seen that Trump is pushing the war. and not knowing all the information to advise intelligent people is not worth it)) and really doubt the Russian technique))

You can respect or hate our president and his team! It depends on the intellect and citizenship ...! But it is impossible not to notice that Putin not only preserved, but also raised the defense capacity of our Motherland an order of magnitude! The main thing is that the children are bursting into the army! 20 years ago, "mowed" by any possible means! Try to put yourself in his place! - Official lawlessness, money from the oligarchs, the whole world is sharpening its teeth in the Russian territories! -Every day solve equations with many unknowns! And every decision is a compromise! As with Chechnya, through 100, when Russia will be the dominant state in the world, all steps and actions of Putin will be studied in the history lessons of the whole world! You can blame him for being too soft ... Like, to the wall of all thieves! It was already so ..! I have no answer to this thesis! As well as there is no all completeness of the information! There are other games and other rules!

Even China sees this ... All we can boast of is something that does not exist


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