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China: Putin's planes and missiles began to take positions

Chinese experts said that Russia is giving up the position of a superpower.

A few days ago, an article was published in the Chinese edition of East Day, in which experts from the PRC reproached the President of the Russian Federation for the fact that he had essentially begun to give up the position of Russia as a superpower. This is due, according to analysts from China, primarily the fact that Russia completely ignored the last two massive air and missile strikes on the territory of Syria, without using their air defense systems, and after the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, Russia completely announced without the intention to supply Syria with the C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems.

"Russia is a superpower, equal in its military power and potential of the United States. Nevertheless, recent events have shown that this country is gradually beginning to surrender its positions, which is expressed by the weakness manifested in Syria, although initially, Russia promised to protect Syria from any external threats. All this demonstrates Putin's weakness - he is giving up his position ", - says the publication.

Among other things, the publication reports that the US Air Force aircraft continue flights over the territory of Syria (the northern part of the country controlled by the US - approx. Ed.), Which is at odds with the data provided by Russia on the total control of the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic. Moreover, the Russian HVAC have become much less likely to inflict airplanes on the positions of terrorists — in the past few days only a few air strikes have been recorded, although there are regions in which populated areas are completely controlled by the militants.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that earlier Russia declared non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the military conflict between Israel and Iran that affected the territory of Syria is in this category, which is probably why Russian systems Air Defense was not used to destroy missiles launched by the Arab state of the Israeli side.

Ready to advance in the front ranks?

Let them say that China does not shoot hypersonic missiles.

Completely agree with you, for all 100%

Then we had nothing to open our mouths and yell that we would protect the Syrians from any threat, no one dragged us behind the tongue, and now the Chinese speak the right way, we will once again give the Chinese warning to 333.

No matter how late it was later.

With the help of Israel, Russia makes it clear to Assad that today the presence of the Iranian Armed Forces only harms Syria. It's time to ask Iran to leave the territory of Syria. Those. "Iran has done its job, Iran can leave" ...

This is only the beginning of shame, the main thing is yet to come.

Of course, China is playing its game, but the truth is part of their commentary. Russia as a minimum should have raised the issue of aggression in the UN Security Council. The fact that Putin is playing along with Israel is no doubt.

Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye!

The influence of Zionists on power in Russia is immense. In China, there is no such influence. They are free.

I wrote everything on the case, I support all 100%

Totally agree with you.

I agree.

zadalbali this Syria let themselves fight and not in Europe, sit and halyavnye grandmother get .. the Syrians want someone else's ass country to cover .. on dick they need to fight for them with us their problems on the throat it's time to have your country inside to raise and then beggars all all we feed ... and we feed not from the pocket of the rich but from the pocket of ordinary people who, according to 10, receive ... they have lost their shame

Go with the Jewish bandit at the parade under the handle, when his planes bomb Syria !!!? Putin is piling Russia pindos and Jews is a fact. Not for free.

There are rumors that Putin wants to host the World Cup in a normal quiet environment, and then we'll see.

Point that the uncle is not iron ... And in general, in vain he got to the fourth term. I stopped respecting him.

exactly, so these are narrow-eyed and want to

And who said that we are a superpower. We are super-suppliers of raw materials with a pauper population, a fifth column in the form of a government unwilling to treat its seriously ill children, but at our expense saving oligarchs from ruin, allowing Millers and others like him to pay from our pocket a cloud of idlers who are called footballers, but who can not, this, playing football and a stupid, absolutely incompetent without the conscience and honor of the Prime Minister.

Nobody gives anything away. In the power of the Russians there is virtually no, well, who in their own will be rocking with missiles.

It is a pity that my Kazakhstani Crimea did not return. Like 2000000 Russians.

Russia is a country of the first world (there is oil, wheat and brains). Only the rulers (including Putin) made it a raw material appendage and hostage to the US Federal Reserve. While instead of banks - usurers, and state support only to banks - Russia will fall and fall. All growth is due to inflation alone. Divide by 100-150 and get the USSR and the worst option ..

Convenient excuse, so beloved by our trolls. Or is it a position? Crustacean, I mean ..

We see this without China. There is still a lot of humiliation left unanswered. We are not even afraid of Ukrainians ...

and where you were nit when the USSR was disorganized?

And someone from below unsubscribed can clearly explain WHY RUSSIA SHOULD SAVE PLANES OF ISRAEL OVER TERRITORY OF SYRIA? Does Russia have an agreement on collective security with Syria? Attacks were inflicted on the RF Armed Forces? Are we in every barrel of the gag? The zone of responsibility of the Air Defense of Russia in Syria is the base of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the aircraft of the Russian Federation Air Force in the air. And here the war between Israel and Iran? And why does no one blame Iran for its inaction? Is not the defense of their armed forces their direct duty, but the duty of the air defense of Russia? By the way, China in Syria is Iran's ally in the fight against IGIL as well as Russia. Following the logic of the Chinese author - China began to surrender positions as superpowers, not having brought down on one Israeli missile.

The real goal is to create a great Israel, for the creation of which just does not have enough Russian territories ...

Russia should not do everything for Syrians. It is necessary to give a fishing rod, and not a fish. Syria must learn to stand up for itself.

Sha World Cup will be held and we'll see. As long as missiles have to be accumulated, we in Syria have not yet been pulled with Israel, they have warehouses nearby, and we have a limited number of missiles.

The Chinese fart from around the corner - do not snap a fist under the fist

The funny position of those Chinese who wrote this article - their country does not get into war at all, and they push us, we must understand, to the Third World War? Otherwise, they say, what kind of a superpower are you? But China, following this logic, is not at all powerful, since it does not go anywhere =)

if you knew, you are not a slave .... yes, if you are able to count! ... you must, of course, say that you are right! on that sofa level from which you ...

We sell China ZRK, engines, build nuclear power plants, and not vice versa ... So do not be hysterical! =) And what kind of "electronics" do they sell? The iPhone? Now they are all doing it, we are too. They just have a lot of hands, so naturally they do a lot of things and sell - this is normal.

Yes, he defeated the wild IGIL, which even has gas tanks instead of bombs.
But he shit before amerikos. Next pontov, he did not go.
Amerikosy, Jews, Englishmen have Russia in all holes and as they want!

I read clients, and it strikes one. You are all such awesome politicians, you decide for internal and external policy issues for the way. If you are all clever here, what are you not working in the Kremlin and not in the State Duma? and the realities would be solved by foreign policy issues ?!

remained the last "pro-Western American or pro-American West" method, which, will kill all their countries.
Zae ..... Do anyone who think that like that, they understand us?
In short, do not touch us please.
Do not touch ever.
Do not touch at all.
Do not touch.

This article does not reflect China's official position. We do not talk about the fact that China itself periodically recedes to the US for example. Although sometimes makes loud statements. And why, for example, the leader of the DPRK after his visit to the PRC began to make extremely peaceful statements in relation to the states. Israel, though a small state, is the owner of nuclear weapons and its carriers. And who wants to have a nuclear war at their side. So, that everything is much more complicated. Although no one can fully assure that it will never happen that one day somewhere in Los Angeles, in London, or in Tel Aviv, a small Iranian atomic explosion does not accidentally bubble. even if it's a dirty bomb.

We buy electronics from the Chinese, and not vice versa. This is China's positive balance with the US, but not with us. We gave the Chinese to Damansky, this is China that cuts down the reserved forests, and not vice versa. So the monkey is wise

In my opinion, Putin has already done everything in Syria. He looks down at the wolves and jackals. Who survives, so will divide the prey. Yes, and pushed the war away from Russia. People simply gave hope to the future. Do not agree, your right. I returned the Crimea. Europe heels erased to run back and forth. It's not a credo - to frighten the gun, but a tough necessity. The world is changing, it is necessary to survive

No, he does not. Someone clever, from Putin's entourage, advised the supreme commander-in-chief not to talk excessively ......

Do not underestimate China. China is a superpower with a strong economy and an army like the United States. And we are a third world country that lives by selling its resources, in fact, we are a raw material appendage of other countries. These are facts that can not be denied.

Russia has long been no superpower.

You speak very correctly.

This is not a war and business

All after football

Correctly speak the Chinese. Tiny Israel already indicates what to do. It was worthwhile to come primer of Israel to the Kremlin, as Russia immediately changed her mind about supplying Syria with S-300. It is not necessary to invent something about a special strategy, because it does not exist. Everything is simple and obvious. It's terrible to imagine that the Western coalition will follow the path of Israel - the way of power, then our troops will have to tight. And as it began: "we will shoot down the media and stuff ...", thought enough words to frighten someone, "but in fact all the pshik ... hit us on the right cheek, and we substitute the left ... I think on It's time to finish - go and do not disgrace more in Syria.

Our president was weak in knees before the Americans. Instead of showing the place to Israel, he was frightened of something. So business does not do. We were wrong to elect this man as president. He put the interests of Israel and the US higher than Russia. He is about to retire, he needs a man who does not bathe in the dust all these Anglo-Jewish-Saxon values. The existence of the State of Israel must always be a big question.

The Chinese are trying to implement Mao's foreign policy concept of the battle of two tigers (the Russian Federation and the US), while the monkey (PRC) will watch the battle from the high mountain and enjoy the spectacle.

Correctly the Chinese reason. Our, or fake, was dissolved with all this weapons, or in general little that is real from all this and all the money is stolen.

Who would vyakal! China, in general, sits on a tree, like a monkey from a parable and pisses Russia off the US scum!