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China: now we can shoot down American "stealth" aircraft

China announced the emergence of radar to detect unobtrusive targets.

Until recently, the radar, capable of detecting "stealth" aircraft, were only in service with Russia, but as follows from the information published by the publication "Sina", now similar systems have appeared in service with the PRC.

This is a quantum radar, and if earlier China already said that it is completing its development, then to date, this system has already been fully tested, which makes it possible to start using such complexes either as part of air defense systems or separately.

"The quantum radar is radically different from all that we used before. Even planes with a low ESR (effective scattering area - note ed.) Can be clearly distinguished, which means that we can now shoot down the "stealth" -samolots ", - the expert tells "Sina".

Earlier, the United States has already sharply criticized the quantum radar being developed in China, predicting the complete failure of this development and its low efficiency, but despite this fact, it was still possible to implement the program.

“The Pentagon has relied on the“ stealth ”technology, but now, when an effective means of dealing with“ stealth ”aircraft appeared, all these advantages, which have been with the United States for quite a long time, are simply negated., - marks the military analyst

As for the quantum radar, there is practically nothing known about the development of Chinese scientists. It is reported that the radar station has sufficiently large dimensions and can track air targets at distances up to 500 kilometers.