China: Tu-95 flies to Alaska as home

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States of America did not cease to compete with the country now called Russia. And the confrontation has reached a new level. In addition to the race in the military-technical sector, the countries began to fight in the international military arena through intermediaries. In particular, we can recall several direct clashes: in Alaska, the North Pole, the Middle East. Putin constantly demonstrates cunning techniques aimed against the United States in conditions of limited use of force.

Even during Soviet times, the North Pole became the field of strategic struggle between the two most powerful states in the world. After coming to the presidency of Putin, the military program was again launched at the North Pole, the Soviet base was restored and special equipment was installed. For use at the North Pole, special Thor anti-aircraft missile systems were developed, which 2 of the year are shown at the May Parade of Victory 9 in Red Square.

Commander of Long-Range Aviation Sergey Kobylash recently said that the patrolling of the North Pole will soon be entrusted to the strategic Tu-160 bombers. Russia is going to bring back the 13 former polar Soviet airbases to 2025 year, on which the long-range bombers Tu-160 are hoping to return to the battle system.

The US military leadership is concerned about the news about the location in the area
The North Pole of Russian strategic bombers and nuclear submarines. The Americans had their own plans for the development of these territories.

The invasion of the Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 and Tu-160 into the air defense zone in Alaska has already become commonplace. The US is trying to stop such actions - they send F-22 combat aircraft to intercept in order to expel Russian bombers from their airspace.

Comparing the flight of the US reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea with the Russian strategic bombers flying freely over Alaska, it is worth saying that the latter are a great threat to the rival country.

And as long as Russian long-range bombers fly over Alaska, the United States will have eight F-22 links there, which will slow down the deployment of US military bases in the Asia-Pacific region.

In the region of the Middle East, where the clash between Russia and the United States is most likely, it never happened in two years of military presence. Even in spite of the active military actions of the US in relation to Russia's partners, Putin did not openly declare confrontation with America, but only sent humanitarian aid to the affected areas. The adoption of such a position on the military issue in the Middle East contradicts the intentions of the American opposition.

This week it became known that the Russian military police had arrested an "armed group" that had looted houses of civilians. This news caused a shock in the international society and confirmed the image of Russians in the conflicts in the Middle East. Later it was possible to establish that the robbers were local recidivists, but this did not diminish Russia's significance in the Syrian conflict. The reputation of Russia in the conflict in the Middle East still remains impeccable.

Based on the materials of Jinji tochiao, China