Complex HQ-9


China will replace Russian C-300 in Syria, with its own air defense systems

Syria is easier to negotiate with China than with Russia.

Today, Syrian government troops are winning one crushing victory over militants and terrorists after another, but the air defense means of this Arab republic are obsolete, which threatens with new attacks from the US. Due to the fact that Russia refused to supply its C-300 complexes to Syria, Bashar Assad may well conclude a lucrative deal with China.

As you know, China frankly copies Soviet and Russian weapons, and the fact that the PRC has copies of the S-300 complexes is not a secret at all. It is primarily about the Hunzi 9 (HQ-9, Red Flag 9, etc.), which by its characteristics is in no way inferior to the C-300 complexes, and even wins in terms of cost. Given the fact that Russia does not want to supply Syria with its SAM, the leadership of this country may well agree on this with the PRC.

"Syria needs a powerful and effective air defense system. Since Russia does not or can not provide its S-300 complexes to Bashar Assad, it is likely that the Arab Republic will consider buying their counterparts from China. For China, this will be an excellent opportunity to prove their weapons, and for Russia will be a serious blow to the reputation and national interests ", - the military analyst believes.

According to experts, the main reason why Russia does not supply C-300 complexes to Syria is an agreement with Israel, which, however, is not officially confirmed.

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"Chinese S-300 is not inferior to Russia, and even more attractive for them at a price!"
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