China: greedy Russians inflated the cost of their fighters

China is unhappy with the high cost of Russian fighters.

Despite the fact that Soviet and Russian fighters were always highly valued in China, some experts were disappointed in the high cost of the Su-35 fighters, whose price was higher than that of the fifth-generation F-35 fighter aircraft.

The Chinese edition of "East Day", with reference to the publication "iFeng", published an article in which experts are dissatisfied with the high cost of Russian Su-35 fighters, noting that Russian planes are really good, but their price is clearly overstated, because in fact, their the cost is comparable to the cost of fifth-generation fighters.

“104 million dollars for one generation of fighter 4 ++ is very expensive. Yes, this aircraft has unique capabilities - which is its engine, which provides the Su-35 fighter with the highest maneuverability, but considering that in combat this aircraft can be compared to the American F-35 fighter, whose cost is 10% lower, the price is clearly overestimated and this is greed on the part of Russia ", - said specialists from China.

Given the relatively high cost of Su-35 fighters, experts in the PRC believe that in the future these fighters may be unclaimed by the Chinese Air Force, as for this money, China may well produce two fifth-generation fighter Chengdu J-20.

* Su-35 is a Russian multifunctional superarmane fighter of the 4 ++ generation, without PGOs, with thrust vector controlled (UHT) engines. Developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau. The serial fighter for VKS of Russia is called Su-35S.

Here are the calculations for the cost of JSF-35. And this is the price of production. The price to an international customer 180 million dollars for each copy, according to the estimates of the military Su-35, is guaranteed to destroy 5 JSF-35 and returns home unscathed, experiencing significant problems in the combat situation with the proportion of 1: 8, but at the same time causing irreparable losses to the enemy. China does not have such a car and will not be long. In the newspapers are Oskolesk.

Not surprising. The solaris of our assembly stands as the Camaro's Chevy in a normal country. So with everything else, because import substitution

Idiot-if the Zaporozhian with the emblem of Mercedes, will not! So copier, as much as copy, it turns out worse than the original.

I fully support!

The cost of F-35 includes only a "bare" aircraft. The cost of SU-35 includes: Training of personnel, engine parts, armament, etc. Quote: "... The complete set that Russia offers us includes the 117S engine, which we very long ago wanted to acquire, as well as the corresponding aircraft control system ..."

Let's understand ?! What is included in the cost of the aircraft SU-35 and F-35 ??? That's when we figure it all right.

The cost is higher because it's better.

Who is the sponsor of this site? Our aircrafts are sold in the most complete configuration, plus spare engines for each aircraft. And engines with controlled thrust vector, very expensive. China dreams to put our engines on its planes. American planes are completely empty.
Just distorting the facts. If Americans offered their planes, with the same conditions as Russia, their fighter would cost 2-4 times more expensive.
Do not read anything on this site.

You look like a crest. 4 ++ outperforms the top five of Chinese and American production. And their unobtrusive fiction.

Dear Chinasis, friendship is friendship, but tobacco is apart. You do not create this, in the near future, at least (only because you can copy, and not achieve the same indicators), so raspakolivaytes. At amerikosov all ten orders more expensively, and parameters same.

Once China wanted to buy only 2 SU-35. Then they were shown a cuckoo and sent far, far away! Now the Chinese returned from there and signed a contract for 24 aircraft. But the contract includes not only the supply of the sides themselves, but also the training of the servicemen, pilots, as well as a bunch of weapons for these aircraft and spare parts. So, the total amount of the contract in 2,5 billion dollars is quite a normal price. And what, the Chinese thought to copy a new engine for free? Well, the old engine from SU-27 they copied, so what? The claimed plaque on it is only about 1000 hours, although in fact even less, somewhere around 600 hours it turned out. So, ours did everything right and the Chinese, by the way, agreed with both the price and the number of sides.

Neither when China does not create such a thing, but only a copy with a truncated resource. And the engines will still be bought from Russia, as now for their fifth generation cabs.

Not boduni ..... this is one of the best fighters in the world if not the best in its characteristics ..... and amerikosovkie it's generally airplanes for the exhibition .. rolled out and rolled up ...

Paul, yes, China does not need this stuff - the most valuable of all this is the engines, as soon as China copies them, these slop buckets will not be needed by anyone, especially at such a cost

What a wonderful tribe of commentators here gathered? !! Do you think you're a fool? The Chinese do not ever make a deal if it is not profitable for them. If they signed the contract, it means that they have brought down the price lower than nowhere. And this release only to keep the partner (I mean RUSSIA) on a short leash.

Well, okay, "fool", but why "Chukchi"?
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Oh, that's who that is a lot of lies.
To begin with, the contract is not only aircraft but also their maintenance and other nishtyaki. Here they took the value of the contract and divided it by the number of aircraft. Got a price. 100 million. Then compared with the cost of "naked f-35" ... And it turned out more expensive! nightmare!!! At the same time, the same "bare" Eurofighter is even more expensive than drying.
And now the main thing! the cost of F-35, which recently could not fly to Britain because of the weather: 200 million !!!

Drying in two times is cheaper! and all this nagging pursues 2 goals. To beat off the discount from the Russians. And to beat money out on your own aircraft of the under-aged generation.

Do you remember our EHSPERS giggling at the expensive American F-35? and the bullshit themselves are more expensive to stick ...

China will soon spit on such support from Russia, and will do it. Yes, worse, but in 2 times cheaper - two Chinese fifth generation already as a thread will cope with one hysterical

How is it in Russian - warm your ally, and put it in your pocket. as soon as they themselves did not remain with these fighters

It would be better for Americans to take fighters - they are safer and better

In fact, Asian China knows perfectly well, expect from friends Negro Arabs Southerners of the Russians and their idols French to Asians normal attitude is not possible. Racism in relations to the Yellow Azi from the Russian side is known to all Asian peoples.