Air Force of China


Chinese fighters and bombers were ready to fly to Syria

Chinese ships and planes were waiting for an order to go to Syria.

As is known, Russia and China maintain warm friendly relations, however, more recently, the French media reported that the authorities of the People's Republic of China considered the possibility of sending their combat aircraft (fighter jets and bombers - ed.) and ships to the coast of Syria, thus acting against the US and its allies.

The French information resource "Réseau International" published a report that the PRC Ministry of Defense was waiting for an order to push some of its military forces to Syrian territory, in particular, provided for the possibility of basing in Iran, and, reportedly, China was to become a kind of instrument to contain Russia and US from the outbreak of the Third World War, which, by the way, military analysts were not excluded, especially given the aggressive behavior of the United States.

It should be clarified that no official confirmation of this data from official representatives of the PRC has been received.

I completely agree with you, even our enemies say that your allies do not support you almost never. I also wonder if they are allies to us
or only they need from Russia its oil, gas and the like. They also allow Nazarbayev to say such things as saying that the cars from the USSR were exported from Kazakhstan.

Do not fight with the US you need to prohibit them 1 buy cars VAZ 2 rest in the Crimea 3 change their dollars to rubles to stay without cars and rest real money immediately run to ask the world for a tough wp ha ha

no matter who is now in power, the Tsar or the Communists, or the capitalists and the rights given power or not. If the adversaries of our brother will come pouring pardon, then it is necessary to stand for their homeland for Russia is not hnycha.a correct story is written by the winner

If Iran enters the war it will have to be supported by peoples who have historical roots and come from northern Iran-haplogroup G. These are the peoples of the Caucasus: Ossetians, Abkhazians, Armenians, Kurds, Megrels, Svans, Hungary-Madzhary, Kazakhstan argin, even Europe !!

You mean to downgrade?

Oleg, well done, ours was not warmer, who thinks differently-just ROUND FOLK

The Chinese have excellent training from soldiers and officers. Their army is capable of carrying out the assigned tasks. Do not belittle them and treat them with irony. The task would be set - they would put forward everything they needed.

Vova, read at least Manstein notes that clearly informed its F that division surrendering prisoner to 90% are made up of the local population (ie, Ukrainians and Bulbash) .A you speak Russian did not know how to fight!

The technique was not bought, and Putin merged the technology of production of all Russian equipment to the Chinese ..!

about the evil commissars who drove to the slaughter, you grabbed at the fronts the ratio of the deaths per German of 1.3 Soviet soldiers. It is not necessary to attribute losses among the civilian population to combat losses. at the beginning of the war they did not know how to fight at the end, everything changed.

All comments below are all from. FSB

At the signing of the surrender, even the fascists were surprised by the presence of the French. It is necessary to know the history, but unfoundedly propagandize-F-70.

Explain yourself once and for all. Russian can not be defeated either in winter or in summer. The fascists were very well equipped, their defeat does not apply to the winter.

All Chinese military equipment was bought in Russia!

In terms of visible?

Strongly I doubt, these cowardly jerboa darted to support the Russian Federation's resolution on Syria, and here the dispatch of combat aviation?

Probably from this sand made the Caucasus mountains)))))

Well, here's another victim of the USE. France was registered with the Allies. There is nothing more to talk about. this person, who has briefly heard something about the Great War, talks with an important air about Victory. Funny and sad

but you are watching the video carefully, 70% of Russian technology is filmed

Here hoc є one real koment? Sumnivayus all shvast podstavnaya.Vam scho nem chim busy?

Chinese technology at times exceeds the Russian one.

Instead of Russia, China had to come to Syria, to resolve the situation, but Putin outplayed and introduced Russia more quickly. Now the Chinese criticize Russian technique, insult)

W --- on his collar. My father volunteered at 17 years and went through Stalingrad and Prokhorovka, taking Belgorod. Hitler is dead and it's time for you to think .......

taiga in the Khabarovsk Territory of the Chinas began to seize in 80 years in the morning we run along the ski track in the afternoon there is a Chinese and yells mine

quite right so-called orderlies

and Chinese technology is already in no way inferior to Russia, and about the economy of China and Russia is clearly not in favor of Russia, unfortunately

Do not understand? Who are you who claim victory in the 2 world allies? What allies. The whole of Europe worked for the fascists, and supplied its troops. Only the courage of Soviet soldiers won in this war. We die, and Russia # $ # $ # to whom we give. This was proved by the history of the Russian state.

Yes, the union of Syria, China and Russia were probably the most powerful crap would be well, and of course Iran, and here such an alliance could solve love problems,

You are a fool! Think of this frost only Germans were freezing? Think of a Soviet soldier wool warmed and it is not freezing? My grandfather told me how they were freezing, but went ahead and it is not necessary unfounded zayavleniy.Slava our ancestors, who have defended our country !!!

Absolute idiocy. It's easy to dump everything for the winter, because there were no heroes, there was no army, there was a militia that the evil Soviet commissars drove to the slaughter.

Zalupa you, the Germans stopped the Russian soldiers before winter. And in the winter they were beating in the same uniform, only the Siberian divisions, fit for the counterattack, were dressed in the weather. Books must be read, not Western stories to listen to, they constantly, for something they dump, then the frost is still some kind of cataclysm. When from the Russian @ # @ # will receive.

And the fact that they have near Moscow already a shortage of personnel up to 50% did not count?

Lies - from the beginning and end of the day, in which embassy did you write this text?
1. In alliance with Hitler against the USSR, almost all of Europe fought. About the role of France - it would be better to keep silent. Against Germany, the allies came out in 1944, when it became clear who would win. Until 1943, the US banks lent to the Germans, and their firms supplied them with resources.
2. Napoleon's allies were the majority of the countries of Europe. On the territory of Russia came 500 thousand troops - escaped 50 thousand. In Russia, apart from Russians, no one fought with Napoleon's army, the allies have already declared themselves closer to Paris.
3. The war with Japan was also on land, where the Russians had successes. At sea, they lost to us in the net. There was a peace - not a shameful one. Isperia fell apart not because of this war, but as a result of betrayal ellit - as it was more than once in Russia. The old film about Alexander Nevsky shows well corrupt boyars.
And finally, from Afghanistan, the Russian army was victorious. Another 3 year, without our support, it was governed by the government set by Russia. And if it were not for the treachery of Gorbachev and Yeltsin - they did not cut off the funding and support - everything could be different.

... In vain you gave such a name! Victim propogandy.Zabyl add, If not for the Russian winter, Hitler would certainly win the war ..

It's funny! China was ready ...
And who would have allowed the yellow-clover ???
Russia, they are there and do not need any figs, but who else decides what?

I do not understand why all so easily succumbed to propaganda about the invincibility of the Russian army? In the second world, the Allies won-the USSR (an entirely different state in terms of social construction and composition), the United States, France, Britain and their allies. With Napoleon (again the Russian Empire was fighting, another state), it was in alliance with the pEuropean. Well, if you throw everything in a heap, then safely add defeat in the war with Japan 1905 g and the first world, ended with a separate peace, loss of territory, the collapse of the empire. And in the end, Afghanistan. Well, then what is it about?

Once again, I ask your opinion: where will the missiles of the USA (NATO) fall to Russia at their elimination of 400-500 km, and inaccuracies. China and even Japan have at least understood this. And Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc., I keep quiet about Ukraine, they are not in the zone of this radius ... they are a little closer)))

One thing is interesting: if we take into account the measures on the RSD, where the missiles of the USA, England, etc. will fall, do not reach the goal of 400-500 km when they are reflected and the inaccuracy of their flights ?????.

Nonsense everyone can write, all hands are untied. But the main thing is to properly filter the information, and such as you protect from the Internet forever!

Well, the fighters can somehow be restraining, but the bombers how to side containment?
It's like bombing the US and Russia so that they do not start a war?
Who invented such nonsense about "containment"?

And why this Zaporozhye embassy from Khmelnytsky came to Moscow to Alexei Mikhalych in 1654. Help de de cursed lyakhs fight off their coreligionists, take us under your own high hand ... Or was not?

If only one empty Ukrainian head, I'm not talking about some of their scientists, thought how to dig a sea with a depth of 2000 thousand meters. What a shovel they had or dived to this depth or the submarines they had on which they exported this sand and where to Afterwards, the piglet can still carry in his pants with all his scientists. Let them answer than dig and where they devali. This experience is very necessary for all mankind.

Boys ... little boys, which inflamed.
Everything absolutely goes its own way, stupid emotions spill out at home.
The red americos go crazy, Mrs. May is confused, and the French are backward.Ukraine let Russia return the territories that were given to her by Lenin and Stalin, Crimea since the time of Catherine the Second was Russian, so look what remains of the O (y)
Read and study the history
Sincerely, Nina

It is necessary to restrain them before the Ukrainians realize that if they start a war with the US, they too will perish.

What is the third world? Volodya puffed his shirts and from under the mausoleum with fear for a week does not stick his nose out.

I, of course, understand that you have yellow-cheeked toilers, another view of history, but I must tell you that Ukraine is exactly one hundred years old, before that you were little-nosed.

Vladimir, all right you write and this strange hostility between people appeared as if under zombification. One is debatable. My father-in-law went through the war, received many awards, returned in the fall of 1945-th from Berlin. He told me that they were lying to the cinema about "for Stalin!" I heard only in the attacks a quiet one: "Mom" and "Lord help me".

Good afternoon Clever and Clever. Tell me how you say Stalin's times, would not you if it were not for the victory of our people over Hitler, in Stalin's time, my grandfather and all the soldiers went to fight for their country for Stalin. Yes, there were very terrible moments at that time, but people believed in the future of the USSR and it still came through the pain through losses, and we are now living through overcoming all this. I was born, grew up, studied, served in the army (in the GDVG- The troops in Germany with 1965-1968) all this was in the USSR, and I do not regret any about it. I was honest with the Homeland, before the people. The fact that the USSR broke up is a betrayal of the government of 90. We were at that time calmly with everyone peoples who were then in the USSR. I have many friends of Ukrainians with whom I served. This Volodka N echipurenko from the beautiful city of Odessa, Nikolai Kolesnik from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lyosha Pogorely from Donetsk.Day God to them zdorov.Tak not hayte past times, life presents many surprises. Remain HUMAN.

Do not confuse the sun with consumer goods. With the sun they are all right.

how many friends do you have? Poles do not count-they are your masters ...

No one has friends. The United States has a lot of "like-minded people" from fear of being punished and crushed by these inadequacies. In the yard it is more useful to be friends with a leader-hooligan than with a boy with a squeak, although everyone knows that this boy is smarter and kinder and will not betray and can cover himself (like 600000 for the liberation of Poland). So all the "friends" of the United States dream and pray that the US will fail through the earth to stop "sucking", as former Polish Foreign Minister R. Sikorski said. In the network of this look.

Interestingly, Chinese technology in general can get to Syria.

You tell these tales Solzhenitsyn before going to sleep?

What is true, then it is true - you do not have friends and can not be. Scrapers nafig no one needs)))

China - it's cunning --- I'm a country, to myself on my mind, so that I need to be on guard with it.

Oh, there was a guy whose pockets are full of freedoms and rights, right now he starts to give away free to those who wish,

China is with us a friend for the time being, and afterwards will say: He fought ... Kemsku parish give ... (in the sense of the Far East), and today only Strong Russia can change the course of history and prevent a war in a world that they want to organize amerikosy, although the "point" they contracted concretely after the speech of Putin V.V. , and today they are going to any provocations against Russia, since the US government debt is more than 21 trillion dollars (candlesticks), and if this "bubble" bursts, it is clear what awaits them ... And the war - Everything will be written off, so they on 2-th world, that is our WWII 1941-1945 g. "warmed up their hands", and raised their economies, and Russia today needs the United States weak and without Putin, and should be for them - a world gas station .. . (((((

It's hot here. I alone can not understand what # $ # $ # so many arguments about the history of Russia. Since the days of Peter started up. @ # @ # Tradition, each ruler rewrote in his own way. The communists are generally “handsome”, they not only rewrote, but also created their ideology and faith, and in 1991 abandoning their membership cards became the long-lasting supporters of democracy. By the way, there are the same rulers in Ukraine. In the USSR, the last two general secretaries were also from there.

Nothing wrong, I slept in the camps 4500000 person innocent, and shot 700 thousand.

If your question sounded like this: "Could Stalin act differently?", It was still possible to talk about something, and so, there is no sense.

Interestingly, "savvy politicians," "armored troops," even "sofa special forces" already somewhere sounded. It seems that we have a "savvy population" formed :)

What exactly Stalin did wrong. Only without Solzhenitsyn's fictions and Khrushchov's lies. And the geopolitical conditions of that time were pohleshche present

listen here to Yu or whatever it is you. we are Russia. and we are proud of it, but you are proud of the freak ..... we are like you do not orem that dug the black sea ... did not build a Chinese wall as you ring ... did not build Crimea. We work at home and do not go to other countries in search of a piece of bread

Yes, and how? .... long afterwards we paid with them gold!

sign up for the Wagner, there you need new meat)))

Do not touch 17g, and we did it stupidly, not finishing off such as you and them. You raised your heads and hissed, we will not repeat it again. We do not repeat history, we will be smarter, we will learn from our mistakes.

A. III could not prepare the army and navy for war with the Japanese. He died, you know, ten years before it began.

Russia has only two ally: its army and navy - Russia has only two ally: its army and navy. The words of Russian emperor Alexander III the Peacemaker (1845-1894), in which he expressed his foreign policy credo.

You're a slut Khokhloma, mouth your fucking mouth. All your life you have been fed pigs and good from you have not seen. Pendosian filaments.

No time when the US was not a friend of Russia. At one time the Russian fleet supported the Americans in the war of independence against England. They forgot and do not remember. And this is a historical fact. Unlike the common people (not propagable), the US leadership has always treated us hostile. Even during the war, become our allies And the atomic bomb was used not to win over Japan We are intimidated! All the current intimidations are directed not at Putin and our military It's useless! Trying to cause fear among ordinary Russians and dissatisfaction with Putin's actions And to arrange in Russia that in the Ukraine 2014 year Maidan! But they do not know well Russians Once we have committed criminal stupidity in 1917 No longer repeat As in 1991, believing in the friendship of Americans For ordinary US residents, this does not apply only to the top

Vania! To begin with, you need to learn writing and literacy, then get down to the story!))) If you are neither here, nor there, nor in the tooth, so what are you trolling in the internet?)))

I think it's right that Stalin did a lot of bad things, but thanks to him we are not bombed like Syrians because Yankov is holding back our nuclear weapons

Nicho himself here is a hot discussion

How do they live? These peoples did not ask for it - they freed them from the swabboda and made them Russian ... for a thousand years and their land became primordially Russian. Ukraine is more Russian than Russia itself - Peter the first so named Muscovy for concealing his Turkic and Finnic roots.

The USSR was not a single moment of Russia. It would be good for you to learn history better, and only then to give birth to your loyalty slaves

I myself am Ukrainian and live on Sakhalin for 32 already. If we compare the spiritual disgust of the Ukrainian and the Russian, it is like comparing water from puddles and spring water.

db Siberia have ever been? ... I think that never ... never need to talk about what you do not have the slightest idea.

You live like that, you fool. You have no rights, you have no liberties, there are only washed ganglia between your ears, and I congratulate you on that. But you do not grieve, there are almost no rights and freedoms in this territory, some (not you) are simply able to think critically. And you go ahead, swamp the regime, you'll be thrown to the scraps by the barin.

It's ridiculous to read this imperial nonsense. Do you associate yourself with Russia? Do you like to eat scraps from the bar? Do you feel any dissonance in your hurray-patriotic statements? Kholui you ideologically washed, there is no money, but you stay there (with)

Alex 17 Apr 2018 in 16: 44
Before understanding the Russian soul, you are far away. Do yoga, self-contemplation, etc. practitioners. Leave our natural and intellectual resources in peace. We will figure out how to dispose of them.

And what kind of "Good" did Russia? Although 1 example call here the USSR, and then Russia always helped the whole world

Let these children, who are not ugly monsters, wet their children, have completely gone to the devil and the whole border. It is simply not possible to live all of humanity, peace does not allow to live peacefully. Incidentally, China has reasons, and not only, first, the US in the Asian region also provokes and helps Taiwan, also provokes North Korea, thereby wanting there too chaos, and secondly, if China helps Russia by winning a war against the US, China can too, want the Earth in the depths of the soul, because China does not know how to overpower its people and it is better to empty it together with Russia, and for one thing the United States will take the Earth as a confiscation, because the United States has created chaos, so let half the US territory be taken away .

"live in russia without russia" -try to live at home without a home

For "Alex 17 Apr 2018 in 16: 44"
And who are you going to be? Who likes you? What have you done for the world to love you?
As for Russians, no one likes ... a simple example ... Afghan mujahideen who fought with a shura, do not like, of course, but now respect ...
Aloha, can you say something about you? Who respects you?

That's why Russians live with people speaking more than 110 languages ​​and professing more than five confessions and not one year, but more than a thousand years. Yes, and modern Ukrainians have nothing to take offense at, a nation was created, because before such a people were not, they were given the land, they sold a terrible character, they called these traitors brothers and sisters. My husband is a foreigner, when I travel abroad, I bathe in love for the Russian people!

And you yourself then who? The name is Russian, you write in Russian ... I am sure that you are talking and you think in Russian! So, what about pigs, are you in vain-look at yourself in the mirror first! We have less chauvinism than those of the same Amers ( which you probably ass willing to kiss!) Russia has never started an aggressive war! And do not love us ... survive!

My friend, when the Chinese reach their goals across Russia and cut the whole Siberia, and when Russia is not interested in it, they will immediately become our enemies like the US, remember 91, how the US was our friend, and now the big question is ???

Alexei, who are you? If you saw a bad person in someone, then you are close and you are, correct first in yourself, and then judge.

You on the basis of the article such a conclusion did? )))))
And where is the good that was made by the Russians? Probably the creation of IGIL is good from Americans ... Or, perhaps, a missile strike against Damascus, where there are basically civilians in principle - this is also good in relation to Russia ... Strange words about mucks in the soul of a person who he calls opponents and assures in his antipathy. You are contradicting yourself.

What kind of Alexei did you personally do good to the Russians? And in which direction did you turn away from us?

Yes, if China wanted to come to deterrence, but not to restrain Russia, but the Pindos. So that those points clenched and thought was not to fight.

Alex, and you probably Ukrainian?))) But you all love and respect and call in the EU!

He loves, does not like, he presses to the heart, he will send to the devil ...

You do not need us. That's all!

My answer is simple. Who are the judges?

All the same, how many wolves do not feed, but he still looks into the woods. It's just to treat the Russians, how much they do not do good, but they are like pigs, all the same. After all, how many Russian people have disgusting, chauvinism nationalism in their souls. That's why you do not like anyone, and the whole world turned away from you ...

China's military forces were ready to fly to Syria! It was very important !!! And yet we must try to avoid waging wars in every possible way. Strengthening the world and increasing the power of its economy, fully plunge into the science and education of the people.

It seems that Konstantin Semin is a convinced politician! And it says that it is necessary to understand to simple people what millions. A person basically understands this and does what he does. To believe is to be a slave. To understand means to be free from the exploitation of slavery of wars and means to prosper! That is, a new real Communist Party is needed, and that, as always and everywhere, it does not become harmful to the development of peoples, it is necessary to strictly follow what the scientific theory of Marxism-Leninism teaches. Stalin, misunderstanding Lenin and yet (lucky) was able to defeat the fascists of the world's capitalists, thereby saving the Soviet Union from the devastation and slavery of our peoples and peoples of all countries of the world! But the fact that Khrushchev threw Stalin's body out of the mausoleum, all the Communist parties of all countries are pierced with zyuganovism to the extent that the capitalists (such as Grudinin's) are brought to power, and the now destroyed USSR and Russia are hanging by a thread, misunderstanding Stalin's Lenin. This misunderstanding of Marx and Lenin as always was and is total. Having lived in Leningrad for another three years, it would not have been possible to fight the fascists already! Since the dictatorship of the working class would have been established not formally, but actually acting! And in this case the society will inevitably develop this way in a geometric progression! Today, everywhere in the power of self-interested people are not thinking only about their own skin, that in the end, the corrupt people lose their loot, because the US has no brakes for its puppets, henchmen and, of course, traitors. The fact that today the ignorant people are not organized is not united and selfishness is the main feature in people all this is a consequence of the fact that there is no Communist party. So the main thing for people thinking, of course, from this responsible it is to form a new Communist Party. This understanding is absolutely nowhere in the country, not in the whole world. For example, how can the authority of the Communists fall among the people, especially when the country collapses ??? The authority of the Communists would grow, even if today our country on the path to slavery would have flourished. And as a result, at the last elections to the State Duma for the so-called "Communists" voted less than 7 and millions, when only Moscow has the right to vote nine million and these nine million Muscovites just in front of the muzzle of the so-called "Communists," that is, Teach, explain, explain, chew on display of rallies, manifestations. Of course, the stupid people see 17 the reign of President Putin and do not see these 17 years of the fall of the authority of the so-called "Communists". Of course, ignoramuses, stupid, corrupt skins do not understand that after the destroyed Soviet Union, what could be a good thing for Vladimir Putin, when decades before 2000, by experienced, not stupid United States of America, purposefully everything important was in all spheres already seized? What is England and the United States when they wanted to start a war with us right after the victory over the Nazis? We need Russia and China to become republics of one country that will increase peacetime, which should be enough for the formation of a real Communist Party and then peace between nations will be guaranteed! Under socialism-the dictatorship of the working class-Soviet power, natural resources will be used a million times less, and the life of peoples will flourish more! Be happier in a beautiful environment !!! Are there any consonants with me? With me, there is no consonant, then everything is done, as you all want to do. PS China's military forces were ready to fly to Syria! It was very important !!! And yet we must try to avoid waging wars in every possible way. Strengthening the world and increasing the power of its economy, fully plunge into the science and education of the people.

China completely agrees to itself on mind and our territories for them a tidbit and a vital necessity it is necessary to be with them very careful friends

As a Jew, so all Alexander 3 does not give rest. The Russian-Japanese was under Nicholas 2, an idiot, and at the same time, after the Japanese war and the Portsmouth peace, Russia possessed a territory of two or more times! Including the CER and Harbin, so learn the story, the woodpecker! And after the war there was a military reform, as a result of which Russia Nicholas 2 created ships with which the Soviets fought in the Great Patriotic War. they did not build their own.

We did not have allies and friends. and will not be! The words of Alexander the third are broken on the granite; RUSSIA has two friends. it's the army and the fleet! May the Lord keep us!

relieve religion, it does not help to solve problems in the world of life. Only drowns the consciousness of many in customs and rituals and covers up misery and hypocrisy.

We need to conduct joint exercises with the Chinese in the territories of Rostov and Belgorod regions in May-June. Push Ukraine makes claims to China if their soldiers are in the territory of Ukraine. Let China send only a company-only 5000 people.

How many of you, savvy politicians! And you all know who thinks about what and does! They themselves do not know what they are doing, but you all know!

Duck blah? Was then Russia was only called differently and was more

You are wrong during the Korean war, we fought side by side against the South Koreans along with the Chinese and the North Koreans. We had a military alliance with the Chinese during the USSR

Alexander the Third, as often other leaders of Russia, did not go beyond words, the army and the fleet to the nearest real war - Russian-Japanese did not prepare. Alas...

And to you who does not interfere with "how to live." Just in its "like life" you would be well to remember that Russia-Russia-USSR-Russia "on the map" has always been. But "how to live", unlike you, she never wanted. You see, she does not like someone else's "pointers," she loves freedom ... Although she does not even be imposed by anyone. And if Russia does not become "on the map," then the cards themselves will not. Amoeba, of course, survive the disappearance of Russia. But they did not learn the cards yet. And all this is not because Russia is so "bad". But because these are "side effects" of modern weapons. Here, remember this, just do not spit in the direction of Russia (so that the wind does not bring back) and calmly "as if live" further. Russia does not like conflicts, but she - "to the bulb", how you live (if your life is peaceful and without "claims" to anyone). In my opinion, the realization of this simple truth "like life" does not interfere. Because "like that life" does not claim freedom and independence. "As if life" is always ready to adapt to any conditions of existence imposed on it. That to you and I wish.

Let's say that without Russia you will not live in Russia. And Russia was in the USSR, the RSFSR is the Russian Soviet federative socialist republic, if you have lost your memory. And even in the USSR was the name of the Russian Federation.

There is no better country and god-pleasing than our great, Orthodox-democratic, holy Russia! Great and cloudless is the happiness of all present Russian commoners! Their life is rich and confident! Their step in the constantly coming bright future is hard! Further growth of the greatness of our Orthodox-democratic Russia, under the wise leadership bogonisposlannogo from his holy heaven, truly righteous, forever irreplaceable, the Son of God, Vladimir, will last for centuries! A troubled time will pass, the holy WITNESSER will overcome Antichrist! Therefore, it is always clear and clear, the present and the future, of the Russian Orthodox people, the BOGONOSET.

The PRC was going to act quite sensibly, becoming a deterrent "dampener". And what else did you want from China in such a situation, when "one side" put forward the idea of ​​a strike against Russian forces in Syria, the other - was going to destroy not only "tomahawks" but their carriers, and the EU, at the same time, put the language in one a place? From the modern "hot" war everyone will suffer, even the aborigines of Australia. The PRC understands that friendly Russia will not attack its forces, if suddenly China is between the warring. But the Americans then have to "weigh with a cold head," are they ready to unleash a war not only with Russia, but also with the PRC, too? If you ever had to separate two fighters, then you will understand the logic of the PRC.

China has never been an ally to anybody. They always conduct their policy in a quiet way. I think they will never be our allies either.

Essentially the article - the Chinese will not go to die in foreign lands for vague interests, understands the value of life too well. And these Chinese threats are all bluff.
Here in the comments again quote Putin's nonsense. This clinic is certain. Populist statements such as "why should we have a world in which there is no Russia" is such a special phrase for identifying idiots. Just hear or see how it is seriously used - be sure, the person who used it is an idiot, he does not have critical thinking.
I'll live perfectly in Russia on the territory of Russia without Russia and Putin with his team of thieves. Actually, I was born not in Russia, but in the USSR, and Putin was born in the USSR, and there was nothing, there was no Russia on the world map, and people somehow lived.

Of course, "China should have become a kind of deterrent to Russia and the United States ..." - How do you want to be divorcing and deterrent in order to become superior to the fighting that do not know how to keep from conflict on their own.

Eugene, you probably forgot (or do not know) the famous phrase of Emperor Alexander the Third (Peacemaker). - "Russia has only two friends, an ally, it's her army and navy!".

What do you know about Belarusians, Kazakhs. There are people and there are nonhumans, among whom there are enough Russians too. All this fuss for power, exclusiveness and in the final results for the loot. And here all means are good and the one who is mean and trained wins. Head sometimes turn on

Money from the extracted resources in the country in a pocket. Their children are sent to Europe and America and the common people should go to war. Let the children of officials and go to war. Even the bitch machine in the hands did not keep only the thump can be in the clubs

I want to believe! However, when voting in the United Nations, the Pendosov allies vote in unison and shamelessly, while the Russian soyaists abstain tentatively and shyly. And Kazazstan quite often. It's bad! This gives confidence to the doubting false representation in the monolithic west and the volatility of the east.

Alexander, do not judge by yourself. Those who peeps Amer after the greens, we are in power ... A simple people do not even see them. Fight, you think, the government will be? For example, I do not want "American democracy" in my country. In a difficult moment, I personally am ready to be among you and fight together against the Pindos. My grandfathers fought against the Germans, and I'll go. You are wrong for the whole Kazakh people.

Well, I do not know, you can not underestimate the enemy

Russia, no friends, there are business associates and touch that serious, maybe we'll stay alone on a pack of wild dogs ...............

at the expense of Kazakhstan do not talk. it may be prezik looks to them in the op, but not the people. We have no choice. and if you so chatter then just turn away everything

Kazakhstan on the hook from the US More than 20 billion dollars frozen Kazakh in the States for the greed of the father of the nation for deceiving foreign investors

after the championship to conclude an agreement with SYRIA and any attack is considered an attack on Russia and all will end at once!

Yes, how many chu..ku do not feed all the steppe looks, let him look, amers not Russian, they have it all together and throw kazahamt vyeput Oh yes, I almost forgot, China rodnenky without Russian simply devour nabarzaeva and hitropopyh nomads !!

"Our allies are the army and the navy," the emperor Alexander III the Peacemaker. It's long said. Russia is too big and appetizing to make friends.

Kazakhstan is not a traitor, it's just one of the neighboring states. The only way to keep satellites on their side is (in addition to material and military support) - the integration of their people into the key institutions of the satellite state (education, lawmaking, economics), and integrated work with the population to develop the required image of your country from the kindergarten), and the echeloned protection of their interests from the encroachments of 3 countries.

Russia ineptly failed each of these points in all neighboring states without exception. Ukraine was the first ethical failure, which became the canonical example for textbooks on interpersonal relations. I'm afraid that Kazakhstan and Armenia will be next.

With all due respect to China, the less Russia remains, the more China will remain, as long as the tigers are fighting, the monkey takes everything.

do not forget what Putin said! And why we need such a world, if it does not have Russia! These words are all clearly marked on the map

Russia can count only on itself. All these Belarusians, Kazakhs, etc. will be in the forefront of traitors. Remember the sanctions products, not support in political matters. Our support is our army and navy.

The Chinese are cunning, they are unlikely when they get involved with the Amers to fight. But Kazakhstan is the second traitor after the Outskirts. Also looks at the Amers in # $ # $ # Look bright or dark!

The Chinese are cunning and wise. live according to ancient proverbs: the monkey sits and looks from the rock as the dragon and tiger fight. who will win to that and help! But Kazakhstan's position in general has shocked the fly of the neighbor's neighbor SNG. !!! India does not write about it, and she suspended the contract with us for several billion dollars, also the Asian cunning! Some questions who are with us?

The Chinese people are pragmatic and will not be shaking their fists in vain. Perfectly understanding that the pressure of the Sash - tobish Pindos is poor, it can be rendered to the PRC. Give Pinos a finger to bite off the elbow! We already know.

The winner will be the union state of Russia and Syria, following the example of Belarus

It would not be a bad idea to poke the Pindos with this information! Although we alone will cope with these obsozveshimi schizophrenics!

Do not frogs, or rather, pasta!

Syria will fall, only the winner will not be the same ... China will crush all in this region.

And how! And the Chinese ran for you to pull chestnuts out of the fire.

they must be fed by Russian WAFERS

It would be nice if so ...

Now it is understandable why the American people were against this frenzied red dog ... And with the paddling pool, everything is clear: live with the Baba Yaga, you will not be so foolish ...)))

China has copied all planes and is ready for battle!

Here it was necessary to pile in this Entente to the full that they would spoil after that where they did not get

It's necessary to bring down this trio of Angles of Amers and Frogs

The French again surrender before the invasion? On the cap they need to push, so that they remember only about their baguettes and cheese

I would finish off the survivors in their place ...

I doubt that China would intervene, do not need it to him - screamed, shouted, and would have stopped