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Air Force of China


Chinese fighters and bombers were ready to fly to Syria

Chinese ships and planes were waiting for an order to go to Syria.

As is known, Russia and China maintain warm friendly relations, however, more recently, the French media reported that the authorities of the People's Republic of China considered the possibility of sending their combat aircraft (fighter jets and bombers - ed.) and ships to the coast of Syria, thus acting against the US and its allies.

The French information resource Réseau International published a statement that the PRC Ministry of Defense was waiting for an order to put some of its military forces on Syrian territory, in particular, it provided for the possibility of basing in Iran, and it was reported that China was to become a kind of deterrent to Russia and The United States from unleashing the Third World War, which, by the way, military analysts were not excluded, especially considering the aggressive behavior of the United States.

It should be clarified that no official confirmation of this data from official representatives of the PRC has been received.

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China - it's cunning --- I'm a country, to myself on my mind, so that I need to be on guard with it.

Oh, there was a guy whose pockets are full of freedoms and rights, right now he starts to give away free to those who wish,

China is with us a friend for the time being, and afterwards will say: He fought ... Kemsku parish give ... (in the sense of the Far East), and today only Strong Russia can change the course of history and prevent a war in a world that they want to organize amerikosy, although the "point" they contracted concretely after the speech of Putin V.V. , and today they are going to any provocations against Russia, since the US government debt is more than 21 trillion dollars (candlesticks), and if this "bubble" bursts, it is clear what awaits them ... And the war - Everything will be written off, so they on 2-th world, that is our WWII 1941-1945 g. "warmed up their hands", and raised their economies, and Russia today needs the United States weak and without Putin, and should be for them - a world gas station .. . (((((

It's hot here. I alone can not understand what # # # $ # is so much speculation about the history of Russia. Since the time of Peter began [Email protected]# @ # Each ruler rewrote the tradition in his own way. Communists in general are "handsome", they not only rewritten, but also created their ideology and faith, and in 1991 throwing Party membership cards became zealous supporters of democracy. By the way, Ukraine has the same rulers. In the USSR, the last two general secretaries were also from there.

Nothing wrong, I slept in the camps 4500000 person innocent, and shot 700 thousand.

If your question sounded like this: "Could Stalin act differently?", It was still possible to talk about something, and so, there is no sense.

Interestingly, "savvy politicians," "armored troops," even "sofa special forces" already somewhere sounded. It seems that we have a "savvy population" formed :)

What exactly Stalin did wrong. Only without Solzhenitsyn's fictions and Khrushchov's lies. And the geopolitical conditions of that time were pohleshche present

listen here to Yu or whatever it is you. we are Russia. and we are proud of it, but you are proud of the freak ..... we are like you do not orem that dug the black sea ... did not build a Chinese wall as you ring ... did not build Crimea. We work at home and do not go to other countries in search of a piece of bread

Yes, and how? .... long afterwards we paid with them gold!

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Do not touch 17g, and we did it stupidly, not finishing off such as you and them. You raised your heads and hissed, we will not repeat it again. We do not repeat history, we will be smarter, we will learn from our mistakes.

A. III could not prepare the army and navy for war with the Japanese. He died, you know, ten years before it began.

Russia has only two ally: its army and navy - Russia has only two ally: its army and navy. The words of Russian emperor Alexander III the Peacemaker (1845-1894), in which he expressed his foreign policy credo.

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No time when the US was not a friend of Russia. At one time the Russian fleet supported the Americans in the war of independence against England. They forgot and do not remember. And this is a historical fact. Unlike the common people (not propagable), the US leadership has always treated us hostile. Even during the war, become our allies And the atomic bomb was used not to win over Japan We are intimidated! All the current intimidations are directed not at Putin and our military It's useless! Trying to cause fear among ordinary Russians and dissatisfaction with Putin's actions And to arrange in Russia that in the Ukraine 2014 year Maidan! But they do not know well Russians Once we have committed criminal stupidity in 1917 No longer repeat As in 1991, believing in the friendship of Americans For ordinary US residents, this does not apply only to the top

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I think it's right that Stalin did a lot of bad things, but thanks to him we are not bombed like Syrians because Yankov is holding back our nuclear weapons

Nicho himself here is a hot discussion

How do they live? These peoples did not ask for it - they freed them from the swabboda and made them Russian ... for a thousand years and their land became primordially Russian. Ukraine is more Russian than Russia itself - Peter the first so named Muscovy for concealing his Turkic and Finnic roots.

The USSR was not a single moment of Russia. It would be good for you to learn history better, and only then to give birth to your loyalty slaves

I myself am Ukrainian and live on Sakhalin for 32 already. If we compare the spiritual disgust of the Ukrainian and the Russian, it is like comparing water from puddles and spring water.

db Siberia have ever been? ... I think that never ... never need to talk about what you do not have the slightest idea.

You live like that, you fool. You have no rights, you have no liberties, there are only washed ganglia between your ears, and I congratulate you on that. But you do not grieve, there are almost no rights and freedoms in this territory, some (not you) are simply able to think critically. And you go ahead, swamp the regime, you'll be thrown to the scraps by the barin.

It's ridiculous to read this imperial nonsense. Do you associate yourself with Russia? Do you like to eat scraps from the bar? Do you feel any dissonance in your hurray-patriotic statements? Kholui you ideologically washed, there is no money, but you stay there (with)

Алексей 17 Апр 2018 в 16:44
До понимания русской души Вам далековато. Займитесь йогой, самосозерцанием и т.п. практиками. А наши природные и интеллектуальные ресурсы оставьте в покое. Сами разберемся, как ими распорядиться.

And what kind of "Good" did Russia? Although 1 example call here the USSR, and then Russia always helped the whole world

Let these children, who are not ugly monsters, wet their children, have completely gone to the devil and the whole border. It is simply not possible to live all of humanity, peace does not allow to live peacefully. Incidentally, China has reasons, and not only, first, the US in the Asian region also provokes and helps Taiwan, also provokes North Korea, thereby wanting there too chaos, and secondly, if China helps Russia by winning a war against the US, China can too, want the Earth in the depths of the soul, because China does not know how to overpower its people and it is better to empty it together with Russia, and for one thing the United States will take the Earth as a confiscation, because the United States has created chaos, so let half the US territory be taken away .

"live in russia without russia" -try to live at home without a home

For "Alex 17 Apr 2018 in 16: 44"
And who are you going to be? Who likes you? What have you done for the world to love you?
As for Russians, no one likes ... a simple example ... Afghan mujahideen who fought with a shura, do not like, of course, but now respect ...
Aloha, can you say something about you? Who respects you?

That's why Russians live with people speaking more than 110 languages ​​and professing more than five confessions and not one year, but more than a thousand years. Yes, and modern Ukrainians have nothing to take offense at, a nation was created, because before such a people were not, they were given the land, they sold a terrible character, they called these traitors brothers and sisters. My husband is a foreigner, when I travel abroad, I bathe in love for the Russian people!

And you yourself then who? The name is Russian, you write in Russian ... I am sure that you are talking and you think in Russian! So, what about pigs, are you in vain-look at yourself in the mirror first! We have less chauvinism than those of the same Amers ( which you probably ass willing to kiss!) Russia has never started an aggressive war! And do not love us ... survive!

My friend, when the Chinese reach their goals across Russia and cut the whole Siberia, and when Russia is not interested in it, they will immediately become our enemies like the US, remember 91, how the US was our friend, and now the big question is ???

Alexei, who are you? If you saw a bad person in someone, then you are close and you are, correct first in yourself, and then judge.

You on the basis of the article such a conclusion did? )))))
And where is the good that was made by the Russians? Probably the creation of IGIL is good from Americans ... Or, perhaps, a missile strike against Damascus, where there are basically civilians in principle - this is also good in relation to Russia ... Strange words about mucks in the soul of a person who he calls opponents and assures in his antipathy. You are contradicting yourself.

What kind of Alexei did you personally do good to the Russians? And in which direction did you turn away from us?

Yes, if China wanted to come to deterrence, but not to restrain Russia, but the Pindos. So that those points clenched and thought was not to fight.

Alex, and you probably Ukrainian?))) But you all love and respect and call in the EU!

He loves, does not like, he presses to the heart, he will send to the devil ...

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My answer is simple. Who are the judges?

All the same, how many wolves do not feed, but he still looks into the woods. It's just to treat the Russians, how much they do not do good, but they are like pigs, all the same. After all, how many Russian people have disgusting, chauvinism nationalism in their souls. That's why you do not like anyone, and the whole world turned away from you ...

China's military forces were ready to fly to Syria! It was very important !!! And yet we must try to avoid waging wars in every possible way. Strengthening the world and increasing the power of its economy, fully plunge into the science and education of the people.

It seems that Konstantin Semin is a convinced politician! And it says that it is necessary to understand to simple people what millions. A person basically understands this and does what he does. To believe is to be a slave. To understand means to be free from the exploitation of slavery of wars and means to prosper! That is, a new real Communist Party is needed, and that, as always and everywhere, it does not become harmful to the development of peoples, it is necessary to strictly follow what the scientific theory of Marxism-Leninism teaches. Stalin, misunderstanding Lenin and yet (lucky) was able to defeat the fascists of the world's capitalists, thereby saving the Soviet Union from the devastation and slavery of our peoples and peoples of all countries of the world! But the fact that Khrushchev threw Stalin's body out of the mausoleum, all the Communist parties of all countries are pierced with zyuganovism to the extent that the capitalists (such as Grudinin's) are brought to power, and the now destroyed USSR and Russia are hanging by a thread, misunderstanding Stalin's Lenin. Это недопонимание Маркса и Ленина как всегда было и есть тотально. Прожив Ленин еще года три, то уже война с фашистами была бы не возможной! Так как диктатура рабочего класса была бы установлена не формально, а фактически действующей! А в таком случае общество неизбежно будет развиваться именно так в геометрической прогрессии! Сегодня везде во власти корыстные не профессиональные думающие только о своей шкуре, что в итоге и продажные людишки лишаться своего награбленного, так как у США нет тормозов и к своим марионеткам, прихвостням и, разумеется, к предателям. То что сегодня народ невежественен не организован не сплочен и эгоизм главная черта в людях все это следствие того что нет коммунистической партии. Так что главное для людей думающих, разумеется, отсюда ответственных это образовать новую компартию. Понимания этого абсолютно нет нигде ни в стране, ни во всем мире. Например, как может падать авторитет коммунистов в народе, тем более когда страна разваливается??? Авторитет коммунистов рос бы, даже если сегодня наша страна на пути к рабству процветала бы. А в итоге на последних выборах в Госдуму за так называемых «коммунистов» проголосовало меньше 7-и миллионов, когда только в одной Москве имеющих право голосовать миллионов девять и эти девять миллионов москвичей вот именно перед мордой у так называемых «коммунистов» то есть убеждай, учи, объясняй, разъясняй, разжевывай выводи на митинги, манифестации. Разумеется, тупицы видят 17лет правления Президента Путина и не видят этих 17 лет падения авторитета так называемых «коммунистов». Разумеется, невежды, тупицы, продажные шкуры не понимают, что после уничтоженного СССР, что могло хорошего достаться Путину В.В., когда за десятилетия до 2000 года опытными не глупыми Соединенными Штатами Америки целенаправленно всё важное было во всех сферах уже схвачено? Что собой представляют Англия, и США когда они хотели начать с нами войну тут же после победы над фашистами? Нам России и Китаю надо стать республиками одной страны это увеличит мирное время, которого должно хватить для образования настоящей компартии и тогда мир между народами станет гарантирован! При социализме – диктатуре рабочего класса – Советской власти природные ресурсы будут в миллион раз меньше использоваться, а жизнь народов будет в большей степени процветать! Быть счастливее в прекрасной окружающей среде!!! Есть со мной согласные? Со мной согласных нет, значит, все делается, как вы все подряд пуси-райты хотите. P.S.Военные силы Китая готовы были вылететь в Сирию!!! Это очень было важно!!! И всё же надо стараться всячески избегать развязывания войн. Укрепляя мир и ростом мощи своей экономики, всецело окунуться в науку и просвещения народа.

Полностью согласен Китай сам себе на уме и наши территории для них лакомый кусок и жизненная необходимость надо быть с ними очень осторожными друзьями

Как еврей, так все Александр 3 покоя не дает. Русско-японская была при Николае 2, придурок, и при этом, после японской войны и Портсмутского мира, Россия обладала территорией, в двое большей че сейчас!ВКлючая КВЖД и Харбин, так что учи историю, дятел! А после войны прошла военная реформа, в результате которой Россия Николая 2 создала корабли, которыми советы воевали в ВОВ, т.к. своего ничего не построили.

У нас не было союзников и друзей. и не будет! Выбиты на граните слова Александра третьего ; У РОССИИ два друга . это АРМИЯ и ФЛОТ! Да хранит нас Господь!

религию уберите, она не помогает решать вопросы в мире жизни. Только топит сознание многих в обычаях и обрядах и прикрывает убожество и ханжество.

Нам надо с китайцами провести совместные учения на территории Ростовской и Белгородской областей в мае-июне месяце.Пускай Украина предъявляет претензии Китаю, если их солдаты окажутся на территории Украины.Пускай Китай пришлёт всего лишь роту-всего 5000 чел.

Сколько же вас , диванных политиков ! И все знаете, кто о чем думает, и сделает ! Они сами не знают что творят, а вы все знаете !