The fighter Chengdu J-10


The Chinese fighter surpassed even the Russian Su-35 in maneuverability

The Chinese fighter J-10B was even more maneuverable than the Russian Su-35.

Despite the fact that the Russian Su-35 fighter is considered one of the most maneuverable fighters in history, the Chinese aviation developers managed to present a direct competitor to the Russian fighter. We are talking about the Chinese fighter Chengdu J-10B TVC, which is equipped with a new engine with thrust vector control, which allows the combat aircraft to perform the most complicated maneuvers, which were previously claimed only by Russian fighters Su-30, Su-35 and Su-57.

It should be clarified that the main factor contributing to the increased maneuverability of the Chinese fighter Chengdu J-10B TVC was the use of the Russian aircraft engine AL-31FN, which they began to produce in China. In fact, thanks to the use of the Russian aircraft engine, China can greatly enhance the capabilities of its combat aircraft, including the latest fifth-generation Chinese fighter, the Chengdu J-20.

On the other hand, experts pay attention to the fact that, being at the disposal of China, the Russian AL-31FN engine may lead to the fact that the further purchase of Russian Su-35 fighter jets will be stopped.

Well, we don’t sell the step, thereby not earning ... And plus China, the enemy of our main enemy, Pindostania, isn’t cool ... And then we don’t sell the promising SU35 technique as the last century is awesome !!! Another question is why the same 57 or 41x are not in the troops ....

So where is the superiority? At least the 2 element he did not. Stopping the car to 0 and driving at a negative speed, what ours are doing with interest, and getting out of the lingering corkscrew !!! Only 57 claims it !!!

And what will he raise on the same dvigun to the "war"?
100 cartridges and a couple of rockets
= dove of peace, for show.

He has not surpassed anything, does everything the same as Drying. Only he is twice as light as any Soo - it's a different class of car!
Although I also agree that selling the latest military technologies to any "friends" is to play Russian roulette or to put your head in the jaws of a lion, only who is not in the arena, but in the jungle.

Well, judging by the video demo flight, J-10 to Su-35 very far. He is simply not capable of those figures that the Su-35 is capable of performing (at least the very "bun").
In general, an interesting solution is to purchase the Su-35 in Russia, and then announce the development of the engine with the OVT by reinstalling the engine from the Su-35 to J-10. Original.

Let them think so.

You can’t do such a thing ... to be more maneuverable than SU 35, it's the same type as MIG 21, last century.

I believe that one should not sell his achievements in the production of weapons and military equipment (even seemingly "brothers" and "friends"), but keep them locked up and implement them only in their own production. Today he is a "friend" and "brother", and tomorrow sworn enemy. Example with the "blood sister" of Ukraine, and Belarus and others.

This is a great achievement of China that his crafts have learned to fly))) But further theft of copying and such crafts will not work))) The guts to create something worthwhile. Pilotage is so-so. In general, another duck)) Chinese bullshit))

Weak, not impressed, our abruptly will. Heaven and earth. Not even close.

What the fuflogon writes these articles? Not the first time I read such nonsense here ... As for aerobatics, the level of the MiG-21 (he flew himself) and about this time of turning and loops ... The thrust-to-weight ratio is also in doubt, there are no several vertical figures with climb ... and t .d

Cobra Pugachev did on the SU-27. Without thrust vector control. Immediately "our super-manoeuvrable with controlled vector thrust can do Cobra Pugacheva." In my opinion with the Khokhlov communicated ...

Well, of course, maneuverable, smiled, but the Su-27 draws better figures, before the Su-35 as before China p .....

Poor things, they're off on 5-6g

I agree. Ponte is more expensive than money. Chinese iPhone in action blah. it was not for nothing that the golden eagle refused - such a configuration of the wing and airframe does not withstand the maximum loads.


Rafal after the cobra goes up, he is generally the best at doing this figure. And the Chinese ... for me aerobatics is about nothing, it is incorrect to compare with ours or the French. In general, on the market, a cross between a balalaika and a Peking duck can compete with the F-16, with the exception of a dumping price.

It looks like it.

In the video, a pair of flaccid barrels, a kind of bell with the subsequent transition to the floor of a turn of the flat corkscrew. There is a cobra at the level of sous-57 but not sous-35, the nose almost immediately returned to its place. Chakras frolov not seen at all. In general, even Rafale seems more maneuverable to me than a Chinese odd job. Do not praise yourself no one does not seem to praise.

Is it that the Chinese themselves decided so?