Hitting poseidon


Klimov: Poseidon drone interception probability is close to 100%

The US will have more than a day in order to intercept the Russian nuclear submarine Poseidon.

Despite the fact that the Poseidon nuclear underwater drone (Status-6) is considered to be the Russian “super-weapon” with destructive power, military expert Maxim Klimov said that unlike the Russian hypersonic weapon, it is possible to intercept the Poseidon practically with 100% probability, since the United States of America will have more than a day of time.

“We look at the statistics of the US Navy in combat training with firing: the number of torpedo firing is about an order of magnitude greater than the number of rocket fire! With the power required to move at a specified speed and huge energy density (more than 156 horsepower per cubic meter), there is simply no room (and case diameter) for the effective use of acoustic protection on the Status, ”the expert notes.

Moreover, the specialist notes that the launch of several "Poseidons" will not bring any benefit. Since the number of counter-torpedoes will be significantly greater, and therefore, the chance of hitting the Stutus-6 drone is approaching 100%.

“Yes, for each anti-torpedo there will be only one attack, but taking into account their large ammunition on board carriers (primarily aviation ones), accurate targeting from the search and targeting system of the aircraft and the length of time that the basic US patrol aircraft will have to destroy the target ( more than a day!), the accumulated probability of defeating the “Status-6” will be close to one, ”emphasizes Klimov.

Against the background of such a statement, experts really had questions regarding whether the Poseidon Russian nuclear submarine drone is truly invulnerable and deadly.

sorry, do you have at least some knowledge and experience in underwater acoustics to talk about "stupidity"? In the end, any decent book on hydroacoustics YOU open "just too lazy"?
Well, it will "explode" - taking into account the fact that the enemy's PLO begins from our bases, it will blow up. US under the coast + see where the same Gulfstream carries water masses

depth Mk48 significantly more 800m - this is the first
and second and most importantly, they have deep-water (more than 1 km) McKNUMX (in stock) + work on Tripwayer (which has troubles not with Statuses, but by Physicists and Packages) + YaBP

The most effective anti-submarine aircraft, scattering sonar buoys with antennas, lowered to the level of the order of 300 meters. Their detection range reaches 20 km. However, according to Konstantin Sivkov, and with their help it is unlikely to detect "Poseidon". And the buoys have a limited duration of work, up to several hours, and the area of ​​the ocean is too large for the anti-submarine aircraft to find the "needle in a haystack."

“In fact, Poseidon can successfully be hit by the means that existed at the end of the Cold War: nuclear depth charges and Mk50 torpedoes,” says Klimov. Depth bombs leave no comments. But this torpedo is not able to hit a drone with a working depth of 1000 meters, since it is not able to work below the level of 600 meters. And the speed of her is clearly too small - only 40 nodes.

Suddenly, Klimov proposes American anti-torpedoes Tripwire as "killers" of "Poseidon". At the same time, in the polemic heat, he completely misses the fact that in February of this year he himself published the article [2] “Tripwire - the problem killer of the Russian“ Poseidon ”. It says how imperfect the American anti-torpedo project is.

America will have to deal with this destructive threat, ”said Tomas Callender, a senior employee of the Heritage Foundation, who studies defense programs and was a submariner in the past, told The National Interest. - The maximum speed of the torpedo exceeds 56 nodes, and the depth of the dive is more than 1 thousands of meters, so with the help of modern weapons it is difficult to destroy! Now for the anti-torpedoes, that is, for the torpedoes Mc48 - the speed of 55 nodes, the maximum depth of 800 meters! Now let Klimov explain how a torpedo can hit Poseidon at a depth of 1000 meters !? Here, at least 10 days, but still on 200 meters, the 48 MK will not fall, especially since you must first track Poseidon, and this, according to the US military, is not possible!

Good girl! Russia and C-300 do not, and there is no shell. And there are no tanks above the T-62. How did you solve the rebus?

Klimov prints some nonsense. At a depth of 1 km. determine Poseidon is impossible. And on the way, if they determine it, it will explode. And no matter how much he got, 100-300 = 500km and if they are 10-15, then 1000 km. the shores will be in ruins.

Life is always like this: as soon as you do something meaningful, Klimau immediately appears and declares what he would do differently. Is this water major an eminent expert and his office in the Old Arbat-Tarakano Baking Slagging Dead End? And what is outraged: just who has bastard some rubbish so it is for everyone in sight throughout the Internet!

expensive little fish, poseidon has a high underwater speed and depth, much more than ordinary boats t, k, no crew. how they will find it, how they will find it, and by what you understand the problem.

“Jump layer” - sea, ocean, currents, different temperatures, reflected sonar signals from water layers with different temperatures, low noise “POSEIDON” - HELLO AMERICA and FORGIVE!

Another "liberast". Not all under Stalin destroyed, survived and gave birth to bastards! This is so hate your country !!!

eksperd retired = cap. 3 rank (corresponds to the general - major).
Well, very competent, knows all the secrets.

Dada) at a depth of more than a kilometer everything is very well heard)))

I think the Russians will not wait for them to be destroyed with modern reconnaissance methods and the presence of other weapons. Poseidon is only a small part of the retaliatory strike!

If we draw conclusions from the Amerstones films, the "exceptional nation has already saved the Maximov hundreds of times, and the whole world is a bargain!"

Russia has no "Poseidon". This is all a complete lie of the GDP and its retinues. They only plunder the country, introducing numerous taxes and stupid laws. All these appearances of the runway (now on horseback, somewhere else) are only to blunt the people. They all need to be hung up, or a bullet in the forehead, and at the same time it is crowded so that other similar Thieves are afraid and know that they can do the same.

I do not know the utter nonsense of a former or not former military survivor. Who gave him the military rank at all? Nor any thinking. Well, of course, before we make a start, we’ll warn Pindos for a day and show the route. Voyakin your mother, just to potryndet.

Every family has its black sheep. Maxim Alexandrovich Klimov - Captain of the 3 rank reserve.

And who said that from a submarine, and not from a specialist of a prepared cargo ship or tanker passing near the intended target.


not caught up!

Are you crazy? When did Kuzya become Natsky?

K-278 Komsomolets is a Soviet nuclear submarine (NPS) of the 3 generation, the only boat of the 685 project “Fin”.

The boat holds the absolute record for the depth of immersion among submarines - 1027 meters (4 August 1985) [1]. Sank as a result of a fire in the Norwegian Sea 7 April 1989.

In Balashikha?

Where intercepted Status 6 there and the funeral of everyone and everything !!!!

I am not a military expert. But, in my opinion, this article does not take into account the depth of action of torpedoes and Status. And second, can the Statuses ALREADY be in place? After all, they can WAIT their time unlimitedly. And so is the correct article, let them not be afraid! Only then let them not cry that we did not warn them. In general, the coolest option is when the enemy thinks that he will fight an army armed with flint axes (not to be confused with Tomogavkami). Then there will be a surprise!

Nonsense, the maximum depth of use of American torpedoes from 600 to 800 meters, so that with the interception of "Poseidon" is not so simple as the author writes.

Yes, of course not as the Crimean bridge.

Well, if Klimov is the same expert on the Russian nuclear submarines and the Poseidon, like Mudyavar on the Crimean bridge, then DO-Oh-Oh-oh !!! All you have to do is tremble !!!

Yes, he they hers when she pi__zdanutsya next to Florida

Yes, the expert is still the same. Apparently he does not know that everyone is trying to immerse their underwater objects deeper in order to make detection more difficult. But such concepts as the “jump layer” or “thermocline” are completely unknown to him. The claimed depth of the Poseidon in 1000 meters reliably protects it from tracking. Modern submarines have an 300-500 working depth of meters, and the means of detection are sharpened on it. And due to the fact that the "Poseidon" is not habitable, I think the real depth of immersion he has more than the stated. 1000 meters is for Americans that not too large values ​​were laid in the development. And then something really happens. For reference, the deepest boat in history was our "Komsomolets" in 1985. reached a depth of 1030 meters the record is still broken.

the expert is either a moron or paid for. Discover Poseidon is probably possible. But to get to the kilometer depth, at a speed of more than 200 km / h is not

Croesus got hysterical? Urgently enroll in the ATO, there will heal.

And who said that there is no such protection?


As soon as it comes to what military equipment can do, and what cannot, I recall a recent case when a new, worth a fortune, armed to the teeth, the menacing NATO warship was sunk by an ordinary civilian than by an unarmed ship (well, that is not a medical "vessel"), so who knows what will happen.

You wake up !!! There are not any Poseidons - except in myths and legends - it's all a duck that the GDP pours into our ears justifying the fabulous spending on military spending, is a fake! so how did he burned red-handed in the movie of Olive Stone when he was shown a video of the type of how our aircraft is hammering militants in Syria, but in fact - the Americans destroy the militants in Afghanistan - this is a proven Putin fake !! his whole policy is to lie to people !!!!!! perhaps there is a Poseidon in the form of an ordinary torpedo - no more than that, this also applies to avant-gardes, daggers, etc.

If you think logically. Poseidon will not break through immediately. Most likely, he received the program will fall at the right point to the bottom at great depth and maybe wait days, maybe months and then come when, after the exchange of nuclear weapons, nothing will fly and intercept as a result of EMR and other factors. said this element of the dead hand.

And if a few charges in 100 Mg bury in its territory, and then, kaaaak ...?

Nonsense and not an article. Poseidon will be launched from our submarines and they move almost silently. Therefore, at first, the boat overcomes the anti-submarine defense and then releases the Poseidon and after it does another salvo with its missiles. And after that, they can shove their famous interceptors into one place. Where are they all after this volley and will be.


I think we need to check everything in practice ....

Friends is paid, in one way or another, another attempt to cast doubts on our souls in the strength of our weapons and therefore in peace and stability for the future. It is clear that the expert has sucked it out of his finger, well, if from his and not 21. Do not pay attention.

To destroy the "Poseidon". you must first find it at a kilometer depth and catch up at its speed of 200 km / h.

Why all this fuss? First of all, this is a technique and how only GOD knows how it will behave at the right time. Secondly, no one in America will have a bullet as long as there are families of officials there, and they will not take them out of there because they are afraid to live in Russia. And in the third, if anything happens, only the survivor will tell how these toys worked if they told anyone. And now these are only assumptions and nothing else.

Such experts for .... yes to the museum!

Another expert provocateur

But doesn’t this expert know that Poseidon moves faster than any counter torpedoes. Besides, you need to know what trajectory and depth the drone will be moving at. It’s not an expert, but an ordinary yap.

Then how could it happen that our APL MONTH (!) Was hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico and the US Navy was only found at the exit ?!

The most interesting thing is that no one has a clue about the Poseidon's performance characteristics and at the same time claims about the 100% probability of its interception!

Who is Klimov and in what area is he a "specialist"? What does he know about Poseidon at all? What day is he talking about? Yes, I am the same "specialist", but I really like "Poseidon", I have no doubt that when the need arises, it will work for glory. Tremble our "partners"

Main Gott ... Have you ever been in space and seen an underwater object at a depth of a kilometer? It is good that you heard about such physical phenomena as cavitation, ultrasound (from where it is in a submarine ... enlighten, pliz), and even about gravitational - this is generally ... I invite you for a Nobel in physics. My friend, you have picked up on the tops and have been reading all the ravings about the omnipotence of space reconnaissance and are now trying to fulfill the smart one. It does not work for you. Do not even try to disgrace.

US PLO detection systems easily and accurately detect any speed and deep water targets. Any moving object, at any depth, leaves traces: turbulence, gas, cavitation, noise in the whole range, and ultrasound too, thermal, magnetic, gravitational, electronic, etc. Even from space, the submarine can be seen in many spectra, according to many characteristics. So, it is foolish to just send Poseidon without active protection of the case against all detection systems.

In which area is this author an expert? It seems, in the field of paranoid phenomena.

The fact is that there is no point in intercepting it. At speeds up to 70-80% of the maximum, it is absolutely silent, that is, "invisible" and most importantly, it does not need to hurry anywhere, it can be delivered (already delivered) to the given area in advance and waits for satellite communication commands : satellite - hydrostrip - apparatus. From some reliable sources, since April of last year, he is on combat duty off the east coast of the USA. That is, from the moment of making a decision on applying to applying, theoretically, a time equal to the turn of the start key is required. Only Hawaii will remain. A tsunami, as you know, is impossible to intercept and stop!

And what, we have with the United States have an agreement on the notification of the launch of "Poseidon" for a day?

Only the practice of combat use can confirm the effectiveness of any weapon. All other arguments in favor of the poor.

This is an extremely strange, at best, expert. At worst, just a fool not familiar with the subject of their own analysis. The expert writes about the target designation from aircraft, but forgets to say that the maximum depth of detection of a submarine-type target does not exceed 200 meters. Poseidon has much smaller mass-dimensional characteristics in comparison with the submarine. Further elementary physics from high school. Add to this the immersion depth of more than 200 meters and look for the wind in the field. Further, the expert deliberately misses the maximum depth and speed of the target for its confident defeat. One-sided expert of some kind.

If the author writes that he can be intercepted, then let him write with what, where he is based, how much is available. And then just one argument, more than a day, then what? More than days from the moment of start, or from the moment of detection? At a kilometer depth, what will they intercept?

Poseidon's goal is to destroy the coastal life of a potential enemy. Why should he just swim to the goal? that the hour that week the problem will not be fixed. including where he will sail, how, where, and whether the enemy will not know at that particular moment. knowingly, UWB adopted a program for mass placement of beacons on the ocean floor. But the stationary beacon is easy to get around and there will be no special problems. including This expert is from among the "all-propalschiki"

I am a Russian woman, I cry and pray for him

And how deep are these missiles? And the second trajectory is not computable, I'm not talking about her artificial intelligence.

In order to intercept something, you need to know that it is running. Apparently, Klimov believes that Russia, before shooting at the United States, will tell what he will do and where to do? Moron.