Klintsevich: “museum” Tu-160 can wipe out any country from the face of the Earth

Klintsevich reminded the United States that the "museum" Tu-160 can destroy any country on the planet.

Against the background of how the US ambassador to Colombia called the Russian strategic bombers Tu-160 museum exhibits that pose no danger, member of the Federation Council Committee on Security and Defense Franz Klintsevich said that these "museum exhibits" can easily destroy any country on the planet.

“Actually, it would be nice for him to stop by and see what this museum piece is. While the guys can not create anything like this, although he 30 years. God forbid that he ever heard the word "fire", which would be transferred to this "museum exhibit". Two missile carriers that arrived in Venezuela, albeit old ones (albeit they have already been modernized, therefore practically new), taking into account the new missiles, are able to erase any country from the face of the Earth in a matter of minutes. This is so that he understands the capabilities that the missile carriers have. ”- declared Klintsevich

Among other things, the experts drew attention to the panic created by the American media, in particular, the publication The New York Times expressed concern that Russian strategic bombers could be deployed to Venezuela for permanent basing, which underlines the provocative statement of the American ambassador.

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