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North Korea interrupts negotiations with the United States on denuclearization

North Korea may interrupt negotiations with the United States on denuclearization

The TASS report on the situation in the DPRK knows that the country's leadership is considering the question of suspending further negotiations with the United States of America on denuclearization. With such a message on Friday, 15 March, the deputy foreign minister of the country, Choi Son Hee, spoke at a press conference in Pyongyang. The event was attended by representatives of foreign embassies and foreign journalists.

About how the statement of the DPRK leader can be, it can be assumed based on the words of the deputy head of the North Korean Foreign Ministry, Choi Son-Hee. She stressed that the leadership of the republic has no intention to make concessions to the United States put forward at the summit in Hanoi. This speech by the Deputy Foreign Minister was the first to assess the results of the meeting of Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, which ended without signing an agreement.

Choi Son Hee stressed that the failure of the negotiations was the fault of the United States. The American leadership was carried away only "Own political interests and did not have a sincere desire to achieve results". As for the DPRK delegation, it “Started negotiations by submitting realistic proposals”. The Deputy Foreign Minister said that Donald Trump assured that the US is ready for the flexible approach necessary to reach agreements. At the same time, the US delegation insisted on introducing the phrase “sanctions can be lifted on the condition that they will be reintroduced in the event that the DPRK resumes its nuclear development”.

Then, Choi Son-Hee, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and Assistant President for National Security John Bolton, clarified distrust and almost overt hostility in the meeting. This complicated the negotiations between the leaders of the Democratic Party of Russia and the United States. As a result, the summit in Hanoi ended with a zero result.

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un is going to make an official statement in the near future. The discussion will focus on further actions that North Korea will take due to the fact that the Hanoi summit ended in failure.