Colombia proposed new aircraft MC-27J Pretorian.


Colombia proposed new aircraft MC-27J Pretorian.

2 December 2013. The Colombian Ministry of Defense has been offered the new MC-27J Pretorian, which is based on the C-27J Spartan transporters.

Colombia proposed new aircraft Pretorian.

Transportnik C-27J Spartan.

Aircraft Italian airline will be able to replace the old AC-47T Fantasma. The first phase of negotiations has already taken place, but no information on the results there.

At the moment, on the territory of Colombia are used 6 aircraft AC-47T, which were based on the American transport aircraft Douglas DC-3.

The new ship MC-27J is being developed from the 2011 of the year and the aircraft manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi is going to equip them with missiles, guns and adjustable bombs. All new combat equipment is planning to make it easily removable.

Colombia proposed new aircraft Pretorian.Colombia proposed new aircraft Pretorian.