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Commander of the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy committed suicide

The reason for the death of Vice Admiral Scott Stirney, who is the head of the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy in the Middle East, Vice Admiral Scott Stirney has become known. Information published by CNN reported that Stirney committed suicide.

The body of Stirney found in the residence of the commander-in-chief in Bahrain, is under investigation to determine the circumstances and causes of the incident.

According to Admiral John Richardson, commander of naval operations, no investigations have been carried out regarding Stirney. "This is a tragedy for his family, the crew of the Fifth Fleet and all the Navy" - Richardson wrote on Twitter, describing Stirney as a real professional, a great friend, husband and father.

The US Central Command, which controls the Fifth Fleet, conducts operations in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf areas. This direction is very important in the aspect of US security, given the problems of Iran and the threats from the insurgents Howty in Yemen, which complicate shipping in the region, notes CNN. Through the waters taken under control by the Fifth Fleet, the sea routes of commercial traffic were carried, along which huge volumes of gas and oil are transported.

Born in Chicago, Stirney received his higher education at the University of Notre Dame in 1982, after which he assumed the position of an officer in the Navy, and then a fighter pilot. Before becoming head of the Fifth Fleet in May of this year, he changed several senior positions, in particular, led the carrier strike group and was head of operations for the US High Command.

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