Complex Pantsir-X1


Complexes "Pantsir-S" deployed to repel new Israeli attacks

Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-S" deployed near the Israeli border.

Today in the day 40 kilometers from the Syrian-Israeli border were spotted Russian-made anti-aircraft missile-cannon systems "Pantsir-S1". According to the source, there was information that the Western coalition led by the United States and Israel intends to re-attack the territory of Syria, in connection with which it was decided to deploy air defense systems, which may well reflect the massive missile and air strike of the enemy.

The information provided by the source is partially confirmed by the high activity of the Israeli Air Force and the preparation of an aircraft carrier strike group of the US Navy led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Harry Truman to launch a special operation against the terrorists of the Islamic State group (IGIL, a terrorist group whose activities are officially banned in the territory Of the Russian Federation - Ed.).

It should be clarified that the airspace of Syria is still under the protection of Russian and Syrian air defense systems, which intend to destroy American, Israeli and other aircraft illegally entering the airspace of the Arab Republic.

Earlier, Russian military aircraft fighters were taken to the skies because of the suspicious activity of the Israeli Air Force on the border between Lebanon and Syria, which served as an unambiguous signal that in case of any aggressive actions, aircraft will be immediately attacked by Russian military.

Thanks to Russia for helping to protect the sovereign state from the aggressors and terrorists.