Drone RQ-21 Blackjack


The "Pantsir-S" complexes shot down 10 American unmanned aerial vehicles

The Russian complex "Pantsir-S" has perfectly proved itself on the territory of Syria.

According to the portal Avia.pro, in 2017, Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun systems "Pantsir-S", while on defense of the military airbase "Khmeimim", destroyed in X-AmX American unmanned aerial vehicles. This is mainly about the reconnaissance unmanned aircraft Boeing Insitu RQ-10 Blackjack, which were commissioned by the US Navy only in 21 and have already demonstrated their low efficiency in areas reinforced by air defense systems.

As it follows from the statements of military specialists, the Russian "Pantsir-S" complexes simply did not leave chances to the American unmanned aircraft, since when the drones entered the zone of destruction, the "Pantsir-S" missile system was required only about 20 seconds to open fire on the military drones.

"It is likely that it is precisely with high efficiency of application that the deliveries of the" Pantsir-S "missile system to armament of Syria are related. In addition, the Syrian side independently was able to assess the capabilities of Russian "Pantsir-S" complexes during the April massive missile strike of the United States and the Western coalition on the territory of the Arab state when about a quarter of all the cruise missiles that were fired were destroyed by this system ", - said the analyst Avia.pro.

* Boeing Insitu RQ-21 Blackjack is an American multipurpose military unmanned aerial vehicle, developed in 2012, and adopted by the US Navy in 2014.

The highest buzz for the inhabitants of the "Promised Land" is to shoot unarmed Pantsir ... and tell about the "miracle" of the weapons of "great" children of Israel, like babes of young children ...

At the expense of the American side ...

An empty, unworking shell without cover was damaged by an Israeli missile. But we also remember how the Israeli super-modern F35 was hit by the Syrian C200 during the attack.

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Empty Pantsir-S could destroy and Yakut drones. It turns out, following your logic, that Israeli drones are no worse than Yakut ones.

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Citizens, but at whose expense is the war in Syria?

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Hmm, most likely we already forgot how the Shell was destroyed by an Israeli drone ??