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Konashenkov told how the American destroyer fleeing from Russian ships and aircraft

Attempts by the US Navy to approach the territorial waters of Russia resulted in the open cowardice of the American fleet.

On the eve of the afternoon the information resource Avia.pro reported that command of the US Navy decided to send to the territorial waters of Russia its missile destroyer "McCampbell"which, according to the spokesman for the US Pacific Fleet, Rachel McMarr, must demonstrate that “The United States will fly, swim and act wherever allowed by international law”. Nevertheless, it became known that the American warship, noticing the approach of the ships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation, tried to retreat, not getting closer than 100 kilometers to the coast.

“If the crew of the American destroyer“ demonstrated ”anything, then this is his unsuccessful attempt at maximum speed to escape from the Pacific Fleet forces that accompanied him. The Pacific Fleet is taking a set of measures to control its actions, as well as other warships in a given water area, by land and other means. ”, - declared the official representative of the Russian military department Igor Konashenkov.

In addition to the Russian warships, the American missile destroyer was also accompanied by the means of combat aviation of the Russian Federation.

In the command of the US Pacific Fleet, they decided not to comment on the incident.


Pampers and toilet rolls in the US are overloaded with orders. The State Department recommends that American sailors erase used diapers and recycle them, as the bold crews of the USMC Missile Missile Destroyer, US Navy missile cruiser Chancellorsville, do. - could not reach the targets, having sunk from an oversupply of malice and the results of violation of the peristalsis of the personnel, at the exit from the home port of the Navy. Sympathizing, the fund to help the offended military men raised money for a large batch of Espumizan. Rican sailors and politicians.

“USS McCampbell squadron flew past Peter the Great Bay in protest against Russia's excessive maritime demands and to support the rights, freedoms and legal use of the sea enjoyed by the United States and other countries”

How many advertisements from "nothing", just some soap opera.
He would have better "protested" in our territorial waters - I hope, he would have fired without preliminary promotions. As there is a saying:

"Quiet food - not fistula,
I’m not going to go there. "(C)

But I crawl, these advertizing clowns still remember how our analogous vessel in the 80-s in the Black Sea was rammed with a guard. Again, without unnecessary introductory advertising.

- This action is aimed at irritating Russia.

At about the same place at the same time:
"The American fighter bomber F / A-18 and the KC-130 tanker collided on Thursday night off the coast of Japan, according to a statement from the US Marine Corps, received by RIA Novosti"

I watch the Pindos for a major decided to annoy

Well, swam and swam, and why this bunch in a puddle is not clear:

"At the same time, the right of peaceful passage of foreign ships through the territorial sea is recognized. This is a compromise between the sovereignty of the state and the interests of international shipping. The passage is considered peaceful if peace, good order and security of the coastal state are not violated. The passage must be continuous and quick. the passage of the court comply with the rules of the coastal state in accordance with international law "


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