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The secret American airplane


Conspiracy: a secret American plane hit the maps Google Earth

On Google Earth maps, an American secret hypersonic airplane was discovered.

As follows from the information provided by the British media, on Google Earth maps was discovered an object resembling a secret American hypersonic aircraft, which not so long ago told the company "Lockheed Martin". The object has a rhombic shape, and in all likelihood is equipped with a rocket engine, in view of which the specialists and suggested that it may be a hypersonic aircraft, although there were no official comments on this matter.

It is reported that photos from the satellite were made on the territory of the State of Florida, while in the immediate vicinity one more object, partially disassembled, that could point to the fact that we are talking about the creation of the first prototypes of hypersonic aircraft, is imprinted.

A few months earlier, Lockheed Martin reported that the specialists were developing a new hypersonic military aircraft that could develop the speed of about 7400 km / h. However, due to the secrecy of the project, no details of official publicity were received.


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