Airport Emelyanovo


The controlling stake in Yemelyanovo airport, transferred to Oleg Deripaska

The owner of 51% of the shares of the Krasnoyarsk airport Emelyanovo became Oleg Deripaska.

According to the information provided by the news agency, Oleg Deripaska acquired a controlling stake in the Krasnoyarsk airport Emelyanovo for 4 billion 5 million rubles, with the initial price of a controlling stake of 2 billion rubles.

However, in order for the winner of the bidding to lead the aviation hub, he needs to invest at least 16,6 a billion rubles in the development of the airport, however, the experts do not see this as a particular problem, especially considering the strategic location of Yemelyanovo.

At the moment, the air transport hub is one of the largest in Russia, and it is possible that with its further development, this facility can become attractive not only for Russian airlines, but also for international ones.