King of Jordan and Putin


King of Jordan: we are taking away from Israel two border regions

The King of Jordan demanded that Israel return the border areas under the jurisdiction of the kingdom.

On the eve of the day, it became known that King Abdullah II of Jordan announced his unwillingness to extend the application of applications on the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel of 1994 year. This agreement allowed Israel to rent two border regions from the kingdom, however, taking into account the requirements of the King of Jordan, it can be assumed that the territory of Israel will be reduced by hundreds of square kilometers.

“We realize our full sovereignty in our land. Given the current regional situation, our priority is to protect our interests and do what is required for Jordan and Jordanians. ”- said the king of Jordan.

According to the available information, Abdullah II has already communicated his intentions to the Israeli authorities, but a hundred of the Israeli side have not received any official comments on this matter so far.

It should be clarified that significant changes in the return of Jordan, previously leased by Israel to the territory, will not affect the country's defense capability, but analysts believe that in the future Jordan intends to strengthen the observation of Israeli aircraft on its borders, since previously repeated attempts by the Israeli air forces to see Jordan airspace.

What exactly is the statement of the King of Jordan is not yet known, but experts believe that recently the relations between the two countries have seriously cooled, especially if we take into account the fact that Israel categorically prevents the spread of Islam in its territory.

* The Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty is a peace treaty signed in 1994 between Israel and Jordan. The treaty was intended to normalize relations between the two countries and to settle the territorial dispute between them. The agreement was signed on October 26 1994 of the year near the southern Arava border crossing point, and Jordan became the second Arab country (after Egypt) to conclude a peace treaty with Israel.

It seems the Jews and are not going to give the impudence of the second happiness ...