Airline krasava


KrasAvia has restored flight Krasnoyarsk-Novokuznetsk

KrasAvia Airlines resumed the message on the route Krasnoyarsk-Novokuznetsk.

Direct flights between Krasnoyarsk and Novokuznetsk will be carried out twice a week, and, according to the information resource, the Russian air carrier "KrasAvia"Had already carried out flights on the current route, however, in 2015, flights were canceled by Rosaviatsia.

The duration of the flight for the current air direction will be a little over one and a half hours, and the cost of air tickets for passengers will be, excluding additional fees and taxes, about 3.5 thousand rubles.

Departures from Krasnoyarsk airport Cheremshanka On Mondays will be carried out in 14 hours 45 minutes, and on Fridays - at 14 hours exactly.