Transaero and S7 aircraft


Lenders "Transaero" believe that the airline should be referred to "S7", instead of "Aeroflot"

Lenders "Transaero"Offer to transfer the air carrier is not" Aeroflot "and« S7 ».

Information about this was made public the day before, and, according to aviation resource, the transfer of management rights to Transaero by Aeroflot Group will lead to very negative circumstances, including the monopolization of the passenger service sector. In addition, Transaero's creditors have nothing against the airline being managed by the S7 group of companies, which is one of the few that currently provides the most high-quality services, carrying out profitable activities without any financial assistance from the state.

Among other things, last week specialists worked the situation regarding the possibility of saving airline "Transaero" as an independent companyWhile it is assumed that during 4-5 years, the operator is fully pay off their debts, and for another 5 years can qualify for a decent standard of modern times, without any debts and liabilities.

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