Place of the An-148 air crash


The wreck of An-148 in the suburbs has been removed by the CCTV camera

The moment of crash of the An-148 aircraft hit the security camera.

The CCTV camera installed on one of the private houses was able to fix the moment of the plane crash of the passenger An-148 airliner in the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. The video is currently being studied by specialists, however, there are no official comments on this issue so far.

It should be noted that the video footage shows that as a result of the fall of the passenger plane, an explosion occurred, while that the blast wave spreads smoothly, which may mean that the aircraft fell to the ground, already lounging in the air.



Specialists engaged in conducting search operations were at the site of the tragedy all night, however, the work was seriously hampered by unfavorable meteorological conditions, in particular, it is a question of snowfall.

The most likely version of the tragedy can be the formation of ice on the fuselage of the aircraft, followed by its retraction to the jet engine, which led to the fire of the aircraft, and subsequent crash, however, experts also consider other circumstances of the crash, not excluding that the fall of the aircraft could contribute to the technical a malfunction, or even an explosion on board.