The crash of the Su-57 in the Khabarovsk Territory: the Russian fighter was completely unprepared for flying

The crashed Russian Su-57 was found to have at least four critical problems.

The crash involving a fifth-generation Russian fighter in the Khabarovsk Territory made it possible to establish that this combat aircraft was absolutely not even ready to fly, not to mention the fact that one of the features of the fighter, which gave it an advantage in aerial combat, was unexpectedly lost.

As part of the review of all versions of the crash, it was possible to identify at least three critical problems of the Russian Su-57, three of which were quite enough for the plane to crash.

“Among the main problems inherent in the new machine, experts single out, firstly, the use of new control systems. <...> The second possible problem is related to the tail. On the Su-57, it is represented by all-turning trapezoidal stabilizers, includes keels with small air intakes that allow cooling aircraft equipment <...> In addition to the listed problems that could lead to a car crash, the Su-57 has other obvious disadvantages. For example, many experts talk about problems with electronics, which is primarily due to the lack of domestic high-tech industries in Russia in Russia ”, - reports the Russian information publication Military Review.

Moreover, according to the publication, the fifth-generation Russian fighter has problems with stealth, which reduces the success of its use in battle, although until recently it was reported that the Su-57 is a “stealth” fighter.

Tell me, do you understand what you are writing about? This aircraft is not a prototype, it is the first military unit. The aircraft was adopted, respectively, it is tested. Unfortunately, Russia no longer has the ability to produce a high-tech product, there are a lot of examples and the author of the article is very much right. A plane that has been developed for 20 years and can’t min. 10 years flies to take and break on the day of his surrender, obviously this is a very bad sign. At this stage, the equipment should be at least reliable and safe, although it may not fully respond, declared by the technical specifications, later on the troops will be upgraded to bring it before the declared performance characteristics and later and will exceed them.

Dear Let it be written that everything is bad. Indeed, NATO generals are advanced uncles, they all learn from the Internet. According to this info, they will be ready. Life taught us to read between the lines.

F-35 fought the same thing.

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Smart ass! This aircraft has been developed for about 20 years and where is the result? There is no engine for it yet (now they fly with low power) and with existing technologies in Russia it will not soon be let alone its microelectronics.

Who skips such stupid articles? The babble of complete amateurs, and even links to the publication "Military Review"

Well, so is the running-in, adjustment, identifying weaknesses and design miscalculations. All this will be eliminated and the machine will be brought back to normal. These are mandatory stages of any complex aircraft technology, while accidents and catastrophes are quite possible.

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