Crimea attacked by 12 ATACMS tactical missiles

Yesterday night there was a massive missile attack on the airfield in Dzhankoy, which is located in Crimea. According to, the attack was carried out using ATACMS operational-tactical missiles, probably launched from the Kherson region.

The attack was carried out in two waves: the first wave consisted of seven missiles, presumably equipped with cluster warheads, the second - of five missiles. In total, according to Mikhail Zvinchuk, 12 missiles were fired, which became the largest attack carried out against Crimea using ATACMS tactical missiles.

Attack on Dzhankoy airfield

The MGM-140A missiles used for the attack have a range of up to 165 kilometers, which allows them to reach the target from Kherson, while the MGM-140B versions have an even longer range - up to 300 kilometers, thereby increasing the geographic radius of the strike.

In addition to military equipment, an American RQ-4B drone, which patrolled the airspace south of Crimea, was used to monitor the progress of the attack. This apparently made it possible to coordinate missile strikes more accurately.


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